9 Hot Springs Near Telluride, Colorado

Tucked away in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado, Telluride is an adventurer’s utopia. Enjoy exciting activities such as skiing, hiking, and mountain biking in this Rocky Mountain Range. To relax and rejuvenate after a day of adventures, nothing beats natural hot springs near Telluride! Fortunately, the area comprises several geothermal pools and alpine hot springs where one can wind down and bolster their energy.

Orvis Hot Springs, Ridgway: A Hidden Gem

Orvis Hot Springs, one of the hot springs near Telluride
Orvis Hot Springs

Located just a short drive from Telluride, Orvis Hot Springs in Ridgway offers a serene and secluded spot for soaking. The pools are fed by natural geothermal water and are clothing-optional after dark. They feature a variety of temperatures ranging from 98 to 112 degrees Fahrenheit, and visitors can choose from indoor or outdoor pools. Orvis Hot Springs is also a great place to stay overnight, with private log cabins available for rent.

Dunton Hot Springs: Rustic-Luxury Destination

Well House Cabin at Dunton Hot Springs, Colorado
Well House Cabin at Dunton Hot Springs, Colorado

For a truly extraordinary getaway, Dunton Hot Springs is an ideal spot to visit. Situated roughly 60 minutes from Telluride, this rustic-luxury resort features a restored nineteenth-century bathhouse and multiple natural thermal springs that link with the Dolores River’s cold waters. The full-service spa provides visitors with a multitude of treatments, including massages and body therapies. Horseback riding, hiking trails, and deliciously exquisite meals are also available here for guests to enjoy.

Wiesbaden Hot Springs Spa & Lodgings, Ouray: A Relaxing Oasis

Wiesbaden Hot Springs Spa & Lodgings – Ouray, CO
Wiesbaden Hot Springs Spa & Lodgings – Ouray, CO. Photo:

Ouray, a town located 60 minutes from Telluride, boasts many gorgeous hot springs. The renowned Wiesbaden Hot Springs Spa & Lodgings features mineral-rich pools filled with thermal waters ranging from 101F to 107F. Visitors can relax with spa treatments and marvel at mountain views while soaking in the warm waters.

Ouray Hot Springs Pool & Fitness Center, Ouray: Perfect for Families

Ouray Hot Springs Pool, Colorado - A brief history
Ouray Hot Springs Pool, Colorado – A brief history

Another hot springs option in Ouray is the Ouray Hot Springs Pool & Fitness Center. This facility features both indoor and outdoor pools, as well as lap lanes, a diving board, and a water slide. The outdoor pools are open year-round and offer breathtaking views of the San Juan Mountains. Visitors can also take advantage of the on-site fitness center and relax in the steam room or sauna.

Twin Peaks Lodge & Hot Springs, Ouray: A Comfortable Stay

Twin Peaks Lodge & Hot Springs
Twin Peaks Lodge & Hot Springs

For visitors looking for a comfortable stay and access to hot springs, Twin Peaks Lodge & Hot Springs in Ouray is an excellent choice. The lodge features a variety of room options, including rustic cabins and separate luxury suites hotel. The hot springs at Twin Peaks offer a range of temperatures and include an activity pool, lap lanes, and an adults-only option. Visitors can also enjoy complimentary half-day guided adventures, such as cross-country skiing or hiking.

Box Canyon Lodge, Ouray: A Hidden Gem

Box Canyon Lodge & Hot Springs
Box Canyon Lodge & Hot Springs

Another hidden gem in Ouray is the Box Canyon Lodge, located just a short walk from the town’s main street. The lodge features several hot spring spots, including an indoor pool, an outdoor swimming pool, and a custom bathhouse. The hot springs water is crystal-clear and ranges in temperature from 102 to 108 degrees Fahrenheit. Visitors can also relax in the cooler waters of the nearby cold water pools.

Trimble Spa & Natural Hot Springs, Durango: A Wellness Destination

Trimble Spa and Natural Hot Springs
Trimble Spa and Natural Hot Springs. Photo: Facebook

For a tranquil and restorative experience, Durango’s Trimble Spa & Natural Hot Springs promise visitors the perfect escape. Heated by geothermal activity, bathers can enjoy soaking pools both inside and outdoors, plus several exclusive individual hot tubs.

Aside from indulging in the pool’s soothing waters, guests can treat themselves to spa services such as massage and body treatments. Plus, outdoor lovers are sure to find plenty of activities around the resort including trails for hiking and biking, plus ski hills for winter sports enthusiasts.

The Springs Resort and Spa, Pagosa Springs: A Luxurious Experience

The Springs Resort and Spa, Pagosa Springs
The Springs Resort and Spa, Pagosa Springs

For visitors seeking a luxurious hot springs experience, The Springs Resort and Spa in Pagosa Springs is the perfect destination. This Relais & Chateaux property boasts 24 mineral pools, all ranging in temperature from 83 to 114 degrees Fahrenheit. The pools offer stunning views of the nearby San Juan River and the surrounding mountains. The resort also offers a full range of spa services, including massages and facials, and features a tiki bar for adult beverages.

Penny Hot Springs, Carbondale: A Hidden Gem

Penny Hot Springs, Carbondale
Penny Hot Springs, Carbondale

For visitors looking for a more off-the-beaten-path hot springs experience, Penny Hot Springs in Carbondale is a must-visit spot. The hot springs are located on the banks of the Crystal River and are free to access. The water temperature is warm, and visitors can enjoy soaking while taking in the breathtaking views of Mount Sopris.

Durango Hot Springs Resort & Spa: A Healing Experience

Hot Springs Pools. Photo: Durango Hot Springs Resort and Spa
Hot Springs Pools. Photo: Durango Hot Springs Resort and Spa

Located about three hours from Telluride, Durango Hot Springs Resort & Spa offers visitors a healing experience in a peaceful and remote location. The hot springs are fed by mineral-rich water and are known for their therapeutic benefits. The resort features several soaking options, including a 108-degree soaking pool and a lap pool. Visitors can also take advantage of the spa services, which include massages and body treatments.

Where to Stay in Telluride?

There are several lodging options in Telluride, ranging from basic cabins to luxury resorts. Visitors can choose from a variety of choices, such as Cottonwood Creek-side cabin, cozy spa cabin, or bedroom cabins. For visitors seeking adventure, Alta Ghost Town Tour and 10-mile out-and-back trail are excellent options. For those looking for more amenities, the Mountain Village area offers a range of choices, such as the Peaks Resort & Spa or the Lumière with Inspirato.

In conclusion, the area around Telluride offers several natural hot springs options that are perfect for relaxing and rejuvenating after a day of outdoor activities. From luxurious resorts to free-access hidden gems, visitors can choose from a variety of hot springs experiences that cater to their preferences. Whether seeking a healing experience or a family-friendly spot, there is a hot springs location to fit every visitor’s needs.



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