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Twin Peaks Lodge & Hot Springs is located in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and has become a popular destination for vacationers. The lodge offers spectacular views of the mountains, as well as easy access to outdoor recreation activities such as skiing, snowmobiling, fishing and more. In addition to its natural beauty, the resort features a range of amenities designed to make guests’ stays comfortable and enjoyable. This article will explore all that Twin Peaks Lodge & Hot Springs has to offer visitors.

The interior of the lodge is an idyllic escape from everyday life with luxury rooms containing modern amenities such as flat screen TVs and Wi-Fi internet access. Guests can choose between standard guestrooms or suites boasting private balconies overlooking the mountain panorama. For added convenience there is also an onsite restaurant serving up delicious meals throughout the day while children can enjoy special family activities at the campfires held every night during peak season.

In addition to these amenities, Twin Peaks Lodge & Hot Springs also provides indoor hot springs which are perfect for relieving stress after a long day outdoors. Visitors can take advantage of spa services offered by trained professionals who use traditional methods combined with modern techniques for maximum relaxation benefit. With so much available it’s no wonder why this resort attracts travelers from around the world looking for an unforgettable experience in nature’s paradise.

History And Location

Twin Peaks Lodge & Hot Springs
Twin Peaks Lodge & Hot Springs

Hotel Twin Peaks Lodge & Hot Springs is nestled in the heart of the Rocky Mountains in Ouray County, Colorado. Its prime location puts it just a stone’s throw away from the captivating Box Canyon Falls Park, Wright Opera House, and the renowned Ouray Hot Springs Pool. Established in 1880, this lodge has been a popular destination for travelers seeking a unique blend of relaxation and adventure. The proximity to Engineer Mountain provides guests with a plethora of outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, and fishing.

The Twin Peaks Lodge offers a plethora of amenities that make it one of the most sought-after destinations for travelers. Guests can choose from a variety of lodging options, including cabins, cottages, condos, and suites at nearby Box Canyon Lodge. Additionally, there are several outdoor recreational opportunities available onsite, such as a hot springs pool, spa services, and more. With its prime location and top-notch amenities, it’s no wonder why Twin Peaks Lodge & Hot Springs is a favorite among tourists from around the world.

In addition to these amenities, visitors can participate in various events held throughout the year, such as music festivals, art shows, and ice climbing competitions at the nearby Ouray Ice Park. The perfect blend of natural beauty and modern conveniences makes Twin Peaks Lodge & Hot Springs an ideal spot for anyone looking for refreshment or recreation in an unforgettable setting. Located at 125 Third Avenue, the hotel is just a short distance away from the city center, and the nearest airport, Montrose Regional Airport, is just a 58-minute drive away.

Natural Hot Springs Pools

The outdoor pools at Twin Peaks Lodge & Hot Springs
The outdoor pools at Twin Peaks Lodge & Hot Springs

Experience the ultimate relaxation at Twin Peaks Lodge & Hot Springs, where guests can take a dip in natural hot springs and unwind in a serene environment. The resort fee includes access to two outdoor tubs and one large pool, all available year-round with easy tub access for those who need assistance. Plus, the wellness center features a selection of heated pools with varying temperatures for therapeutic purposes.

Guests are guaranteed to be comfortable during their visit, as the temperature-controlled air conditioning keeps the atmosphere pleasant while enjoying body massages and spa treatments such as facials, scrubs, masks, and exfoliation with the lodge’s special brand of body soap. Additionally, there’s a 24/7 laundry service available in case of any accidents during your stay. And for those looking for more relaxation, private saunas are available for individual use after a day spent soaking in the hot springs.

Twin Peaks Lodge & Hot Springs provides an exceptional experience for those seeking to rejuvenate themselves amidst nature’s beauty and tranquility. With an array of options, guests can fully immerse themselves in the healing atmosphere and make their stay meaningful and enjoyable. The lodge even provides pool towels, recreational amenities, and outdoor furniture for the ultimate relaxation experience. Book your stay now and experience the ultimate relaxation at Twin Peaks Lodge & Hot Springs.

Spa Services

Spa treatment
Spa treatment

The Peaks Lodge and Hot Springs is a wellness center that offers a variety of facilities to promote relaxation and rejuvenation. Among these facilities is the Sage Spa, which provides guests with an extensive range of treatments, including facials and body wraps. As an added bonus, each bathroom in the lodge is equipped with its own private shower and bathtub, ensuring guests’ comfort and convenience. The Deluxe Suite even includes separate bathrooms with showers, as well as access to communal hot tubs located throughout the property.

For guests seeking a truly lavish experience, the Sage Spa offers several exclusive services, including aromatherapy sessions and heated stone massages. All treatments are designed with safety and relaxation in mind, ensuring guests’ peace of mind during their stay. Twin Peaks Lodge & Hot Springs is a 3.5-star spa hotel that caters to all preferences, ensuring that each guest has a memorable experience worthy of revisiting time and time again.

In addition to the spa facilities, the Peaks Lodge and Hot Springs offers recreational amenities, including outdoor furniture and pool towels. These amenities allow guests to enjoy the natural beauty surrounding the hotel while still having access to all the comforts of home. Whether guests are seeking a relaxing weekend getaway or a longer stay to recharge, the Peaks Lodge and Hot Springs is the perfect destination for those seeking a wellness haven.

Facilities And Amenities

The Twin Peaks Lodge & Hot Springs is a haven of relaxation and comfort, located in the charming town of Twin Peaks near the majestic Cascade Mountains. This luxurious lodge boasts a range of top-notch amenities to ensure that guests have a seamless and enjoyable stay. From private bathrooms to air conditioning, laundry facilities, and a business center, the lodge has everything you need for a hassle-free trip.

Guests can also enjoy access to the indoor pool and hot spring pools, which are available year-round. If you’re in the mood for some outdoor adventure, there are plenty of onsite recreational activities, including fishing, biking, and hiking trails nearby. And for those seeking a more pampering experience, the lodge offers a variety of spa packages that include massages, facials, and manicures/pedicures.

Whether you’re an adventure-seeker or looking for a peaceful getaway, the Twin Peaks Lodge & Hot Springs has something for everyone. With its luxurious amenities and serene location, it’s the perfect place to unwind and recharge. Plus, with its convenient access to the Cascade Mountains, there are plenty of opportunities to explore the great outdoors.

The lodge also features a 24-hour fitness center and internet access, making it easy to stay connected and fit while on the go. Additionally, vending machines and a hotel-owned car park are available for guests’ convenience. The property also offers accessible parking and handrails in stairways, ensuring that all guests can move around with ease.

For those seeking a more wellness-focused experience, the lodge boasts a spa hotel with a range of luxurious treatments available. With its 3.5-star rating, the Twin Peaks Lodge & Hot Springs is a top choice for those looking for a rejuvenating escape.

Finally, guests can enjoy pool towels and outdoor furniture, making it easy to relax and soak up the stunning surroundings. With its range of facilities and amenities, the Twin Peaks Lodge & Hot Springs is the ultimate destination for those seeking comfort, relaxation, and adventure.

Accommodations Options

Hotel rooms at Twin Peaks Lodge & Hot Springs
Hotel rooms at Twin Peaks Lodge & Hot Springs

At Twin Peaks Lodge & Hot Springs, guest accommodations are designed to provide comfort and convenience. Each room features a queen bed, tea and coffee makers, and a flat-screen television for entertainment. Private bathrooms with tub combinations are also included in every room, ensuring that guests have the privacy they need.

For those who require additional amenities, ironing boards, toilet seats, and shower chairs are available upon request. Feather pillows provide added comfort, and climate-controlled air conditioning ensures that guests can adjust the temperature to their liking. Each room has a private entrance, adding to the feeling of privacy and exclusivity.

Overall, the accommodations at Twin Peaks Lodge & Hot Springs are designed to meet the needs of any traveler. Whether you’re visiting for business or pleasure, the comfortable and well-appointed rooms will make your stay enjoyable.

Dining Experiences

Twin Peaks Lodge & Hot Springs is a haven for foodies seeking a unique dining experience. The menu features classic American cuisine that is sure to satisfy any craving. From grilled cheese sandwiches to steak, salmon, and ribs, the chef prepares daily specials that highlight locally sourced ingredients. Meals are served buffet style during breakfast and lunch hours, and guests can enjoy complimentary beverages including beer and wine. Visitors can choose to dine indoors or outdoors, surrounded by breathtaking views of nature.

For those seeking a more luxurious dining experience, champagne service is available in the main lodge. The hotel bar offers a wide selection of beverages, including craft beers and fine wines. Guests can also enjoy hot chocolate by the fire, or coffee and tea supplies in the comfort of their rooms.

The open-air restaurant and beer garden are perfect for those looking for a more casual dining experience. Family-friendly options are available, and outdoor grills are set up onsite for those who want to cook their own meals. Guests can enjoy their meals while taking in the natural beauty of the surroundings.

Activities And Entertainment

Guests can join plenty of activities at Twin Peaks Lodge & Hot Springs, beside soaking and swimming
Guests can join plenty of activities at Twin Peaks Lodge & Hot Springs, beside soaking and swimming

Twin Peaks Lodge & Hot Springs is the ultimate destination for those seeking a full range of activities and entertainment options. The Ironing Board is a hub for recreational enthusiasts, offering a diverse range of equipment such as rock-climbing walls, wake-up services, and a Tiki Bar. Guests can indulge in year-round outdoor pool access as well as a heated pool with comfortable seating areas. The lodge also boasts various on-site activities, including tennis courts, basketball courts, and mini-golf courses. Visitors can unwind in one of the many hot tubs or saunas scattered throughout the resort grounds.

However, for those seeking an extra dose of adventure, nearby attractions offer a plethora of exciting activities. The region is home to thrilling mountain biking trails, white water rafting trips, zip lining excursions, and much more. With so many options available, visitors can explore the area to their heart’s content during their stay at Twin Peaks Lodge & Hot Springs.

At the heart of it all, engagement is key. Guests can immerse themselves in various activities and entertainment opportunities, ensuring a memorable stay. Whether it’s relaxing in a hot tub, perfecting their swing on the mini-golf course, or trying their hand at rock climbing, there’s something for everyone. The lodge provides a unique blend of relaxation and adventure, ensuring visitors leave with lasting memories and a desire to return.

Nearby Attractions

Experience the ultimate getaway at Twin Peaks Lodge & Hot Springs, where guests are offered a plethora of nearby attractions to explore. Situated in the heart of downtown, just a 5-minute walk away from the hotel are numerous shops, restaurants, and nightlife options. The daily housekeeping services and service animal exemptions adds to the convenience and safety of the guests.

For fitness enthusiasts, the hotel provides a 24-hour fitness center that guests can access at any time. As a 3.5-star establishment, Twin Peaks Lodge & Hot Springs prioritizes the comfort and satisfaction of its guests. Outdoor enthusiasts can indulge in a variety of activities within a 7 to 35-minute drive of the hotel, including hiking trails, boat tours, and nature reserves. The lodge offers something for every traveler, ensuring that every moment of the stay is memorable.

Twin Peaks Lodge & Hot Springs is also easily accessible for travelers who require special accommodations or assistance. The Box Canyon City Park, Ouray County Museum, and Ouray County Courthouse are all within a 5 to 16-minute drive from the hotel. If guests are looking for a more laid-back experience, they can take a stroll down Sixth Avenue, 5th Avenue, or 3rd Avenue, all within walking distance from the hotel. There is never a dull moment at Twin Peaks Lodge & Hot Springs, with plenty of options for travelers to explore and indulge in.


In addition to its accessibility features, Twin Peaks Lodge & Hot Springs offers a range of amenities to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay. Accessible parking is available for guests with disabilities, and service animals are welcome to accompany their owners during their stay. The hotel is conveniently located within minutes by foot from local attractions, making it an ideal location for a 1-night stay. Check-out time is set at 16:00, and prepayment policies apply to all reservations. Incidental charges may apply, and guests should be aware of any extra charges before booking.

For guests arriving from out of town, an airport shuttle is available to and from the preferred airport. Guests should provide their check-out date and time of service when booking to ensure a smooth and timely departure. To ensure guest safety, the hotel has implemented additional guest safety measures, including regularly disinfecting commonly-touched surfaces and using disinfectant between stays. Safety protocols are in place throughout the hotel, making it a smoke-free property.

Additional amenities are available to enhance guests’ stay, including an indoor pool, outdoor hot springs pools, and nightly entertainment. The nightly price is reasonable, and government-issued photo identification is required to check-in. Optional extras, such as a night pet fee, are available for those traveling with furry friends.

Group Events

Twin Peaks Lodge & Hot Springs is the perfect destination for group events. The lodge offers a variety of suites that can accommodate large groups, ranging from family suites to penthouse suites with spectacular mountain views. For special occasions such as weddings or honeymoons, there are three romantic honeymoon suites available. Business services and extra guest accommodations are also available upon request. With its spacious accommodation options and great location, Twin Peaks Lodge & Hot Springs is your ideal spot for hosting any type of gathering or event.

The friendly staff at the lodge will ensure that all guests have an enjoyable stay no matter what their needs may be. They will provide personalized service to help make each guest’s experience memorable and stress-free. From planning meals to arranging transportation, the team at Twin Peaks Lodge & Hot Springs has you covered every step of the way.

Whether it’s a corporate retreat or a family reunion, Twin Peaks Lodge & Hotsprings provides excellent guest experiences tailored to meet your specific requirements in order to make your event unforgettable. Spa services are another amenity offered by this luxurious resort setting that will add relaxation and luxury to any group occasion.

Bottom Line

The Twin Peaks Lodge and Hot Springs offers a unique opportunity to experience the beauty of nature while enjoying luxurious amenities. Nestled at the base of majestic mountains, this destination is sure to create lasting memories with its many facilities and services. From comfortable accommodations options, delicious dining experiences, exciting activities and entertainment, accessibility for all guests, natural hot springs pools and spa services – there’s something for everyone here!

Twin Peaks Lodge & Hot Springs provides an unforgettable getaway that can be enjoyed by visitors of all ages. Whether you’re looking for a romantic escape or planning a fun family reunion, this resort has everything needed to make your trip special. With its incredible views and serene environment it’s easy to forget about everyday life and enjoy the moment. Its remarkable amenities will ensure each guest feels pampered during their stay while creating unforgettable experiences they’ll cherish forever.

From exploring nearby attractions to taking advantage of on-site services such as spa treatments, Twin Peaks Lodge & Hot Springs allows guests to discover relaxation in a tranquil setting. The breathtaking mountain views are just one part of what makes this destination so special; every aspect from service staff to spectacular sunsets will leave visitors feeling inspired once again!

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Local Information

Address: 125 3rd Ave, Ouray, Colorado 81427
Phone: 970-633-3129
GPS: 38.019325,-107.673178
Season: Year-round
Hours: 9 am – 9 pm
Type: Overnight resort, no public day-use
Clothing: Required


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