Ouray Hot Springs Pool – Ouray, Colorado

Ouray Hot Springs Pool in Colorado is a must-visit destination for those looking to explore the outdoors and embrace their wild side. Located at the base of the San Juan Mountains, it offers a plethora of activities that can bring out your inner adventurer.

Boasting an abundance of natural wonders, from majestic mountains to lush forests, Ouray Hot Springs Pool offers an escape from the everyday grind and allows visitors to reconnect with nature. Whether you’re looking for a weekend getaway or some much needed R&R, Ouray Hot Springs Pool is the perfect place to experience all that nature has to offer.

The hot springs pool is surrounded by breathtaking views of rugged mountain peaks and picturesque valleys. With its crystal clear waters and pristine surroundings, Ouray Hot Springs Pool provides a peaceful setting to relax and recharge. Here, you can take part in activities such as fishing, camping, hiking, biking or simply floating around in the warm waters of the hot springs pool. No matter what your outdoor interests are, Ouray Hot Springs Pool has something for everyone!

Visiting Ouray Hot Springs Pool is like taking a step back in time — when life was simpler and more connected to nature. This guide will provide an overview of all that this special spot has to offer so that you can make the most out of your visit and revel in its beauty!

History And Location

Ouray Hot Springs Pool, Colorado - A brief history
Ouray Hot Springs Pool, Colorado – A brief history

The Ouray Hot Springs Pool is a unique and historic attraction located in the beautiful mountain town of Ouray, Colorado. It has been a place for locals and visitors to relax in the natural mineral-filled waters since 1881. The pool is nestled in Fellin Park, with views of the San Juan Mountains providing a peaceful backdrop. This hot springs pool offers an unforgettable experience, allowing visitors to take in the beauty of nature while soaking in the warm waters.

The Ouray Hot Springs pool is open throughout the year, offering visitors access in any season. Visitors can enjoy everything from a relaxing soak to an adrenaline-filled zipline adventure right next door at Box Canyon Lodge. Those seeking rest and relaxation can stay at one of many local inns or resorts such as Chalet Inn or Chipeta Solar Springs Spa and Resort.

No matter what time of year you visit the Ouray Hot Springs Pool, you are sure to be charmed by its beauty and serenity. So don’t wait; come on out and experience this amazing hotsprings pool for yourself!

Mineral Hot Springs Pool

Ouray Hot Springs Pool aerial view
Ouray Hot Springs Pool aerial view

Ouray, Colorado is a perfect destination for those seeking a tranquil retreat surrounded by impressive mountain scenery. The town is known for its hot springs and rental properties with access to private pools, which are great for families and friends looking for a fun time while enjoying the splendor of nature.

The Ouray Hot Springs Swimming Pool is a must-visit attraction. Its sulfur-free geothermal waters have been known to contain precious minerals that can help heal and soothe tense muscles, making it the ultimate release for those in need of some rest and relaxation. The extended soaking and current swimming pool options make it an excellent choice for adults and families with kids looking to enjoy the water and water toys.

For those who want a more upscale experience, the Beaumont Hotel & Spa is a historic hotel offering spa services and a massage studio, including couples massage, with impressive views of snow-covered canyon walls as a backdrop. This borderline gourmet hotel provides the perfect comfortable minimum for those looking for a nice hotel, and price differential options.

The China Clipper and the Upper Pool are great options for those in search of gold; these tranquil retreats offer a restorative experience with waters that contain minerals, which can help with bodywork therapy.

In short, Ouray’s sulfur-free hot springs pool, surrounded by impressive mountain scenery, is the perfect backdrop for a relaxing getaway with family and friends. Ouray’s selection of vacation rentals with pools and bathing facilities is a great way to experience the healing powers of hot springs and water in winter while enjoying the nice pool options in the area.

The Overlook

The stunning San Juan Mountains provide a mesmerizing backdrop for two adult-only infinity-edge pools. These inviting oases are kept at a comfortable temperature of 104-106°F and can accommodate up to 200 guests each during the peak season of May through September. Visitors will be able to take in the awe-inspiring views while relaxing and soaking in the sparkling water cascading over the modern, tiered waterfall feature.

These luxurious al fresco baths should not be missed when visiting the mountains in summertime!

Shallow Pool

An ideal pool for the whole family, this shallow pool reaches only 42 inches in depth. Let the little ones splash around, hold a game of volleyball or shoot some hoops on the court. There’s even a special floatie area dedicated just for them! With hours of fun and laughter, it’s an amazing spot to spend quality time together.

Activity Pool

Enjoy testing your strength and agility in the Wibit Floating Obstacle Course. Located in the pool during peak season only, this unique course offers an intrepid 12-foot climbing wall and many other fun obstacles.

Children under the age of 12 must pass a swim test before attempting the course – so don’t forget to bring those swimming skills! Indulge in the thrill of trying something new and challenge yourself with an enjoyable experience. From daring high jumps to tricky crawls, it’s an adventure that everyone can enjoy as a family or group together.

So make sure you check it out when visiting during peak season: Test your strength with Wibit and put your skills to the test with its exciting water activities.

Lap Pool

Looking for a swimming workout this season? Look no further than this pool! This outdoor pool offers year-round fun and is kept at a cool temperature of 78-82°F, providing the perfect environment for an energizing swim. It features 8 full-size 25-meter lanes, offering travelers and locals alike plenty of space to work up a sweat. In the winter months, hours may vary slightly with day closing coming a tad earlier in the day than in the summertime. Don’t miss out; take a dip today!

Hot Pool

The hot pool is, well, hot. The water stays between 100-106° F and soaking is only recommended for about 15 minutes at a time. It’s pretty shallow at only 36 inches and has lots of seating and shaded spots for resting on a sunny day.

The Hot Pool is a scintillating experience. With water between 100-106°F, it is suitable to go in for only 15 minutes at a time. Standing at 36 inches deep, it offers plenty of seating and shaded spots to rest amidst the sun’s rays. It is perfect for a day of well-deserved relaxation and an invigorating soak.

Water Slides

Ouray has two thrilling slides during peak season: a speed and body slide. Both slides are nearly three stories high and guests can ride them on their own for a minimal extra fee.

Experience high speeds on the speed slide with curves and turns that make it an exciting ride. For those who want to slip and glide, the body slide provides a fun journey down the twisting, turning track.

For both slides, riders should ensure they meet the required height requirement of 1 metre before riding by themselves. Young children must be accompanied by an adult over 18 years old at all times to guarantee maximum safety. Enjoy a solo ride or bring along family and friends for extra thrills!

Admission Prices And Hours

So you’ve decided to take a dip in the Ouray Hot Springs Pool and experience the amazing natural mineral-filled waters. You’re in luck! This incredible hot springs pool offers something for everyone, from a relaxing soak to an adrenaline-filled zipline adventure. Plus, admission prices and hours of operation are very reasonable, making it easy to plan your visit.

The Ouray Hot Springs Pool has two sections: a large hot pools area and a lap pool, with temperatures ranging from 81°F – 105°F (27°C – 40°C). There is also an ice rink in the winter months. The pool is open daily from 10am to 10pm (11pm on Fridays and Saturdays), with discounted rates after 5pm. Adults can purchase daily admissions prices for $15, while children aged 5-12 are only $10 and children 4 and under are free. The facility also offers private swimming lessons for adults at an additional cost.

No matter what type of experience you’re looking for, the Ouray Hot Springs Pool has something for everyone! With its beautiful mountain views, warm mineral water, and affordable daily admission prices and hours of operation, this hotsprings pool is sure to be an unforgettable experience that will leave you feeling relaxed and invigorated all at once.

Accommodations And Dining Suggestions

When planning a trip to Ouray Hot Springs Pool, accommodations and dining suggestions should also be taken into consideration. There are several hotels nearby that offer comfortable and luxurious rooms, along with splendid views of the surrounding mountains. Hotel Ouray is one of the most popular hotels in the area, offering cozy guest rooms and complimentary continental breakfast. Another great option is the Budget Inn Ouray, which offers clean and comfortable rooms at a more affordable price.

For dining options, there are many restaurants located near the pool that serve up delicious food for all taste buds. The Ouray Grille offers exquisite American cuisine with a southwestern twist, while River’s Edge Restaurant serves up locally-sourced seafood dishes with stunning views of the Uncompahgre River. If you’re looking for something quick and easy, TripAdvisor LLC recommends checking out Burger King or Subway.

No matter what your budget may be or how many family or friends you’re traveling with, there is sure to be an accommodation and dining option that suits everyone’s needs perfectly! So don’t forget to factor these items in when planning your trip to Ouray Hot Springs Pool and make sure to enjoy every moment of your stay!

Amenities And Activities

Ouray Hot Springs Pool is the ideal destination for a family-friendly and adventurous vacation. With its warm pool, talented massage therapists, and stunning mountain scenery, visitors can enjoy a relaxing getaway or an action-packed adventure. The pool itself is perfect for a soothing soak after a day of exploring what Ouray has to offer. From water slides to breathtaking views of Box Canyon Falls Park, there is something for everyone at this wonderful hot springs!

The healing powers of the water are undeniable and will leave you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. For those looking to take it further, the nearby trails are great for hiking or biking and offer breathtaking views of the surrounding area. Whether you’re a family looking for an exciting day out or searching for total relaxation, Ouray Hot Springs Pool has it all!

No matter what type of trip you’re looking for, Ouray Hot Springs Pool provides activities and amenities to suit every need. So don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to explore one of Colorado’s most beautiful attractions!

Nearby Attractions

Just a short distance from Ouray Hot Springs Pool lies some of the most beautiful and thrilling attractions in Colorado. From exciting zipline tours to relaxing train rides, visitors can find something to do that will fit their adventurous spirit or simply provide a tranquil escape.

For those seeking an adrenaline rush, check out one of the following activities:

  • Mesa Verde Discovery Tour – Experience a guided tour through the stunning Mesa Verde National Park. Explore ancient ruins and learn about the culture of the Ancestral Puebloans who once lived there.
  • San Miguel River Zipline Adventure – Fly through the air on this thrilling zip line adventure that takes you up close and personal with spectacular views of mountains and canyons!
  • La Plata Canyon Jeep Tours – Go off-roading in an open-air jeep with experienced guides for an unforgettable journey through rugged terrain and lush landscapes.
  • Adventure Tours – Get your heart racing with an all-day guided zipline tour or whitewater rafting trip!

For those looking for a more peaceful experience, take a train ride through picturesque valleys or enjoy a leisurely lunch in Durango. No matter what type of adventure you’re after, Ouray Hot Springs Pool is surrounded by one-of-a-kind attractions that are sure to delight everyone in your party!

You might want to check the actual rates and book your tours in advance. Below are some of highest voted activities and their ticket costs:

  • Half-Day Family Rafting in Durango, Colorado from $97.01 per adult
  • Full-Day Mesa Verde Discovery Tour from $206.01 per adult
  • Telluride Morning Half-Day Rafting Tour on the San Miguel River from $156.87 per adult
  • 12-Zipline Adventure in the San Juan Mountains near Durango from $149.99 per adult
  • La Plata Canyon Jeep Tours from Durango. Adventure Tours from $107.91 per adult
  • 6-Zipline Adventure in the San Juan Mountains near Durango from $139.09 per adult
  • All-Day Guided Zipline Tour with Train Ride and Lunch in Durango from $600.00 per adult
  • 1/4 Day Family Rafting In Durango Adventure Tours from $75.21 per adult

Safety Precautions

Visitors to Ouray Hot Springs Pool should take certain safety precautions before entering the pool. As the water is heated from geothermal sources, it is important to keep an eye on the temperature and not stay in for too long at a time. In addition, visitors are encouraged to limit their time in the pool to no more than two hours per day, with non-consecutive days between visits.

Swimsuits and other appropriate clothing are required when visiting Ouray Hot Springs Pool and children must be supervised at all times. Those who are pregnant, have high blood pressure or heart conditions should consult a doctor before entering the pool. No alcohol is allowed in or around the pool area and glass containers are prohibited.

Ouray Hot Springs Pool is family friendly, offering a range of healing hot springs that can soothe aches and pains while providing relief from stress. Visitors can enjoy its natural beauty while also taking advantage of its heated pool that is open year-round for swimming and soaking up its therapeutic waters. A visit to Ouray Hot Springs Pool is sure to be both refreshing and energizing!

DO and DON’T at Ouray Hot Springs Pool

When visiting Ouray, there are many DOs and DON’Ts to keep in mind to ensure an exhilarating adventure. DO take the time to enjoy the splendid scenery and explore the adventure on foot. The town has many exciting hikes and outdoor activities that are sure to provide a fun and thrilling experience for family and friends.

  • DO take a dip in the fun pool, but DON’T hog the entire pool. Respect others and share the space. If you’re looking for a pool for adults, consider visiting Ouray Springs, which has cold water pools and waters with minerals that can help with bodywork therapy.
  • DO challenge yourself and your friends to an inflatable obstacle race for lots of fun, but DON’T forget to book an appointment with Ouray Hot Springs Massage to help soothe your sore muscles after your adventure.

In conclusion, Ouray is a fantastic destination for those seeking an exhilirating adventure with family and friends. Remember to follow these DOs and DON’Ts to make the most out of your time in this beautiful town.

Weather Considerations

When planning a trip to Ouray Hot Springs Pool, it’s important to consider the weather in Colorado. The winter months bring cold temperatures and snow, while the summer months are perfect for swimming and soaking in the hot springs. During the winter, Ouray Hot Springs Pool is filled with Ouray Hot Springs Fiber Optic heated water, making it comfortable all year round.

If you’re visiting during the winter months, be sure to bundle up and wear layers to stay warm. It’s also a good idea to check on road conditions before heading out since Box Canyon can be icy during this time of year. An afternoon trip may be more enjoyable when temperatures are warmer, so plan accordingly!

It’s always a good idea to buy tickets in advance when visiting Ouray Hot Springs Pool as this will ensure access during peak times. Tickets can be purchased online or at the pool itself. Keep in mind that there is a maximum capacity for visitors and this limit is strictly enforced.

Weather Forecast for Next 5 Days

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Bottom Line

Ouray Hot Springs Pool, located in Colorado, is the perfect destination for anyone looking to take a break from the hustle and bustle of life and enjoy some time in nature. This iconic hot springs pool has been around for many years and boasts a wide range of amenities and attractions, making it the perfect spot for an outdoor getaway. The admission prices are reasonable and with hours running late into the night, it’s easy to find time to visit this natural wonder. Guests can also stay overnight at one of the nearby accommodations or dine on delicious local cuisine.

This pool is truly a magical place, with its crystal clear waters and stunning views all around. Visitors can take part in activities such as scuba diving, swimming, kayaking or simply lounge around on a comfortable deck chair. Those feeling adventurous can explore nearby trails that offer breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains. In addition to these activities, visitors should also be aware of potential weather changes so they can plan accordingly.

With its affordable prices, convenient location and abundance of activities, Ouray Hot Springs Pool is sure to provide a memorable experience that will leave guests counting down the days until they can return! With plenty of safety precautions in place and easy access by car or bike, there’s no excuse not to come visit this Colorado paradise anytime soon!

Local Information

Address: 1230 Main St, Ouray, Colorado 81427
GPS: 38.030855,-107.673171
Phone: 970-325-7073
Season: Year-round
Hours: Public Access │ Wed-Mon 12 pm-9 pm, Member Access │ Every day 11 am-12 pm​
Clothing: Required
Temp: 80-106 degrees F
Website: facebook.com/ourayhotsprings


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