Orvis Hot Springs – Ridgway, Colorado

Too long to soak in the heat of the day? Orvis Hot Springs has got you covered. Enjoy seven outdoor springs ranging from 65-114° F, right in the heart of Ridgway Colorado’s majestic San Juan Mountains.

Relax and restore in the soothing thermal waters amidst nature’s beauty. There is also an indoor pool and two natural hot tubs for private serenity. Plus, massage services and overnight stay availability allows for a well-deserved pampering session.

Experience a getaway like no other at this treasured gem – so take a dip today and let your worries drift away!

Mineral Hot Springs Pools

Orvis Hot Springs
Orvis Hot Springs

Dip into the therapeutic waters of Orvis Hot Springs. For centuries, locals have known of its natural rejuvenation powers, but it’s only now that people are seeking out its relaxing affects.

The water is rich with lithium, calcium, magnesium, fluorine and potassium to ease your mind and body. There are also trace amounts of sulfur for added minerals yet there is no smell or sulfuric taste.

There is nothing like a soak in this temperate geothermal pool to help you reset and relax in nature while giving your body what it needs to perform at its peak. Enjoy the tranquility of the hot springs pool surrounded by majestic mountains where beauty meets serenity.

Feel the healing energy wash over you as you sink beneath the surface of Orvis Hot Springs’ soothing mineral-rich waters. Take a dip today and let go of what no longer serves you for a truly unique experience that will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized!

Outdoor Pools

Located in the beautiful San Juan Mountains, Orvis Hot Springs serves as a natural oasis for those looking for a tranquil retreat. With their amazing views and differing temperatures, the hot springs offer pools that are perfect for soaking in and relaxing.

Nature lovers will be able to appreciate Orvis Hot Springs’ pristine location, surrounded by towering pines, snow-capped mountains and green meadows, while discovering new depths of peace of body and mind. So why not escape it all at Orvis Hot Springs – where relaxation is just a soak away!

The Pond – the largest pool offers pristine views of the mountains, while Smoker’s Pond provides a cozy spot for enjoying the warm 65-114°F waters. Whether guests prefer to relax in nature or take a dip with friends, Orvis Hot Springs has something for everyone, making it the ideal destination for a relaxing getaway. All pools are clothing optional and provide an inclusive atmosphere where visitors can soak up nature’s beauty in peace.

The main pond pool sits at 40 feet wide and up to 5 feet deep, offering hot spots beneath its pebble floor. Visit Island Pond for a more peaceful experience, with cool waterfalls and waters that reach only 2 feet deep. For something even hotter, the Lobster Pot reaches up to 114° F.

Take a break from the heat by visiting the Cold Plunge – Orvis’ chilly 65°F watering hole – or enjoy some thermal soak time at North Pool‘s cooler 100°F waters. Guests looking for an extra special treat can visit Watsu pool for massages in warm, non-chlorinated water paired with gorgeous views and peaceful silence. Whether you’re looking for relaxation or adventure, Orvis Hot Springs has it all!

Pool House

Orvis Hot Springs' pool house
Orvis Hot Springs’ pool house

Orvis Hot Springs’ pool house has something for everyone. Come inside and relax in the family-friendly, zero-entry pool. Enjoy the stunning outdoor murals that adorn the walls or recline in patio chairs. Suit up between 7am – 9pm to make a splash. The water reaches only 3 feet deep, so it’s always safe. Dive in and let loose!

Private Tubs

Enjoy the peace and serenity of a private tub.

Take in the perfect atmosphere with no worries, just private bliss. Enjoy warm water temperatures up to 110°F while soaking in one of our two private indoor tubs. We maintain daily cleaning and draining standards to ensure your experience is as spotless and clean as can be. Whether looking for some time alone or hoping to share it with someone special, Orvis Hot Springs’ private tubs are sure to bring relaxation.


Cozy rooms at Orvis Hot Springs
Cozy rooms at Orvis Hot Springs

For the perfect getaway, guests can come to Orvis Hot Springs and rent one of the six themed bedrooms. Unplug and relax in an idyllic environment with no phones or TVs but plenty of Wi-Fi in the main lodge. Get a full day’s enjoyment by arriving early on check-in day and staying until 9 p.m. check-out day!

Antique Room: Love the timelessness of antiques? Enjoy the comfort and privacy of a smoking room? Then you’ll love the Antique Room! With space for up to three guests, it’s perfect for couples or small groups – plus, you can relax with peace of mind knowing you have all the delights of modern amenities too. Sleep tight in a cozy double bed, bask in the beauty of antique decor, and make yourself at home in one of our most inviting rooms ever.

Americana Room: Spend a night in the beautiful Americana Room for an escape from reality. Boasting a queen-sized, handcrafted Amish carriage bed, this room is created to pay homage to the Land of the Free. Guests can indulge in sweeping views of the mountains while unwinding, and two more people can be easily accommodated. Perfect for those looking for some rest and respite, let your worries drift away as you feel right at home in the Americana Room.

Iron Room: The Iron Room is the ideal destination for small group travel. It features two comfortable beds that can accommodate up to five guests, including one double bed and one queen bed, both of which are built with sturdy iron frames. As a bonus, it also includes a built-in vanity and sink, perfect for nightly use or primping before an evening outing. The room’s rustic appeal makes it a cozy haven in an otherwise bustling city, allowing travelers to feel relaxed and ready for their next adventure.

Log Cabin Room: Inviting and rustic, the Log Cabin Room is perfect for a cozy getaway. The custom pine furniture lends a subtle log cabin charm to the room, while providing all the comfort and necessities of home. Snuggle in with up to five people with one queen bed and one double bed for a relaxed staycation. Refresh with invigorating showers, unwind in the delightful ambiance, and let yourself be lulled into sweet dreams.

Uncompaghre Room: Situated in the lodge, the Uncompaghre Room is an elegant corner room with a custom headboard crafted in Mexico, a brushed walnut timber paneling and one king bed, making it one of the most popular rooms in this luxurious getaway. The abundance of natural light creates an alluring atmosphere that makes it hard not to relax as soon as you enter it. A unique experience awaits all who venture into this haven – from its untreated solid wood furnishings to its ample sleeping space – the Uncompaghre Room is the perfect place to escape and unwind.

Mt. Sneffels Room: offers spectacular views of the Mt. Sneffels Wilderness and is a favorite amongst guests. The room provides comfortable accommodations with a king sleigh bed that can sleep up to three people, making it an ideal choice for families or larger groups. Perfect for those looking to appreciate all the beauty the mountains have to offer, this guestroom promises a truly special and memorable experience.

Guests staying in the six rooms of the property are invited to enjoy the two full bathrooms available. Perfectly equipped with a shower, sink and toilet, they provide a perfect stopover after a long day. They can even get creative by making use of the shared community kitchen located in the lower part of the building. Here they can prepare delicious meals, or grab that hot cup of coffee for an energizing start!


Campground at Orvis Hot Springs
Campsite at Orvis Hot Springs

Getting away from it all has never been easier than accessing the serene and tranquil tent platforms and car camping sites nature provides. Campers can expect to be granted two days of dreamy pleasure for the rate of a single night, with access to any of the stunning pool areas at their disposal for 24 hours at a time. Enjoy the comforting atmosphere and total peace that only immersing oneself truly in nature can offer.

Orvis is a great spot for camping with RVs up to 30 feet long, although no hookups are available. Space is limited – only 30 sites are open – so it’s important to make sure you book ahead of time! To respect fellow campers, pitching tents, playing loud music, and running generators all have times restrictions between 9 pm and 9 am.

Spa Services

Spa treatment
Spa treatment

Rejuvenate body and soul with luxurious treatments offered inside modernly adapted yurt shelters. Unwind from the stresses of everyday life by indulging in a mineral soak combined with a therapeutic massage session. This experience is provided by experienced therapists, trained in a variety of massage modalities to cater to individual needs. Treat yourself to this ultimate pampering experience and escape into an oasis of relaxation.

There are a variety of massage types to choose from to help alleviate pain and promote relaxation. Swedish, sports, deep tissue and integrative massages are widely popular, but there are other options like shiatsu, Thai, and acupressure available. For extra pain relief during a massage session, customers can opt to add CBD oil for an additional fee. Massage therapy has been proven to be a powerful tool in relieving pain throughout the body while promoting healing and relaxation.

At a special spa, guests get to experience an unforgettable Watsu massage. In a warm pool, the guest is guided into a fully supported supine position with their therapist massaging and relaxing every muscle. This luxurious spa offers relaxation like never before, with the massage taking visitors to an enlightened level of tranquility.

How To Get To Orvis Hot Springs

Start your journey from Ouray at US-550 N; a scenic 8.7 miles drive that will lead you through mountain bends with breathtaking views. Then, take a sharp left onto Co Rd3 and head towards your destination, little more than 500 feet away. Once you reach the end of the road, you’ll find Orvis – recognized for its iconic outdoor apparel and supplies – right there on the right side.

If visitors are coming from downtown Ridgway, they won’t have to travel far to reach the hot springs. Just take US-550 south, then make a slight right onto Co Rd 3 and they’ll soon find Orvis on the right. It’s a great spot to relax after an eventful day by relaxing in the warm springs surrounded by nature. Make sure to bring your friends so you can all benefit from the therapeutic properties of the mineral-rich water.

DO and DON’T at Orvis Hot Springs

Now that you have some helpful guidance and advice on what to do and what not to do when visiting Orvis Hot Springs in Ridgway, Colorado, you’ll be well prepared for a relaxing and enjoyable experience at this hot springs resort. Remember to respect the rules and atmosphere of the property, explore the various pool options available, and take advantage of the nearby attractions and camping options.


  1. Do enjoy the natural lithium water at the Orvis Hot Springs, which comes from a geothermal spring and has many health benefits.
  2. Do explore the various swimming pools at the resort, including the 100-degree pools, the cozy pool, the larger pools, and the medium-sized pool.
  3. Do take advantage of the 24-hour access to the hot springs resort and enjoy the outdoor soaking, especially at night.
  4. Do bring a picnic and enjoy a meal at one of the picnic tables available.
  5. Do consider camping for the night at the Orvis Hot Springs Campground, which offers a night of camping with pool access.
  6. Do explore the nearby Ridgway State Park and Ouray County for additional outdoor activities.
  7. Do try out the Orvis Plunge, a private pool with hot water and a cold pool, for a unique experience.
  8. Do visit the family-friendly pool at Orvis Hot Springs and bring children along to enjoy the hot spring pools.
  9. Do consider renting a room or cabin that comes with access to the pool options at the resort.
  10. Do keep water handy and use water hookups as needed, especially when camping overnight.


  1. Don’t forget to bring a bathing suit, as some of the pools require them.
  2. Don’t miss out on the private pools that are available during non-public hours for a more exclusive experience.
  3. Don’t forget to respect the rules of the hot springs resort, which include no alcohol or drugs on the property.
  4. Don’t overlook the nearby Ouray Hot Springs Pool, which also offers multiple pools and is worth a visit.
  5. Don’t underestimate the age of
  6. the Orvis Hot Springs, which is over 100 years old, and the historic value of the property.
  7. Don’t forget to respect the peaceful and friendly atmosphere of the resort and be considerate of other guests.
  8. Don’t bring glass containers or pets to the resort.
  9. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to try out the various pool options, including the private pools and the hot and cold pools.
  10. Don’t forget to bring towels, sunscreen, and other essentials for a comfortable and enjoyable visit.
  11. Don’t be hesitant to ask the friendly staff for any assistance or recommendations during your visit to Orvis Hot Springs.

Weather Forecast for Next 5 Days

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Local Information

Address: 1585 Co Rd 3, Ridgway, Colorado 81432
GPS: 38.133806,-107.735077
Phone: 970-626-5324
Season: Year-round
Hours: Daily | 9 am – 10 pm
Chlorine: No
Swimsuit: Optional
Website: orvishotsprings.com


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