Wiesbaden Hot Springs Spa & Lodgings – Outray, CO

Outray, Colorado is home to a unique destination – the Wiesbaden Hot Springs Spa & Lodgings. Nestled in the heart of the San Juan Mountains, this spa provides visitors with an array of therapeutic experiences for relaxation and rejuvenation. The healing waters of the hot springs combined with luxurious lodging make it an ideal escape for those looking for a tranquil retreat from their everyday life.

The Wiesbaden Hot Springs Spa & Lodgings offers guests a range of activities that promote well-being and personal growth. From soaking in outdoor pools fed by natural thermal mineral water to taking advantage of massage treatments and yoga classes, there are plenty of opportunities to relax and restore one’s equilibrium. For those seeking adventure, there are hidden trails throughout the surrounding mountainside waiting to be explored as well as nearby attractions like Mesa Verde National Park or Chimney Rock Archaeological Area which offer spectacular views.

Whether you’re looking for some restorative time alone or quality time spent with family and friends, the Wiesbaden Hot Springs Spa & Lodging has something special to offer all its visitors: a chance at renewing your spirit while enjoying all that nature has to offer. With its naturally calming atmosphere, this location serves as an opportunity for reconnection with oneself and others through a journey into personal liberation.

Location & Accessibility

Wiesbaden Hot Springs Spa & Lodgings – Ouray, CO
Wiesbaden Hot Springs Spa & Lodgings – Ouray, CO. Photo:

Nestled in the picturesque San Juan Mountains of Outray, Colorado lies a magical winter wonderland town and home to one of the best hot springs spa destinations: Wiesbaden Hot Springs Spa & Lodgings. Located perfectly for adventure seekers and nature lovers alike, this resort is easily accessible by car or public transportation.

The Ouray Hot Springs Pool offers an incredible outdoor pool experience throughout all four seasons with its naturally heated waters surrounded by breathtaking mountain views. The area’s warm climate makes it ideal for soaking year-round, providing guests with an opportunity to relax after a long day outdoors. Guests can also enjoy a variety of amenities such as massage services, private cabanas, sun decks, and more at the onsite facilities.

Outray not only provides easy access to the Wiesbaden Hot Springs but also plenty of activities to go around – skiing, hiking, rafting, biking – you name it! With so much to explore both inside and outside the resort grounds, Wiesbaden Hot Springs guarantees that no matter how you choose to spend your time here; each moment will be well spent in this beautiful mountain paradise. Transitioning now from location and accessibility into natural hot spring pools…

Natural Hot Spring Pools

Natural Hot Springs Pools at Wiesbaden Hot Springs Spa & Lodgings
Natural Hot Springs Pools at Wiesbaden Hot Springs Spa & Lodgings

Wiesbaden Hot Springs Spa & Lodgings in Outray, Colorado offers guests a rejuvenating and relaxing hot springs experience. With its natural spring waters, the spa features various hot spring pools for soaking as well as unique amenities like a rustic-style hot spring cave with waterfalls that cascade into sparkling rock pools. Guests can take advantage of these natural springs to soothe sore muscles and relax after an active day outdoors.

The mineral-rich waters are thought to have therapeutic benefits, providing relief from stress, tension and other ailments. The temperature of each pool is maintained at different levels depending on what type of experience visitors are looking for – ranging from cooler temperatures which provide more refreshment than relaxation to warmer temperatures which induce deep relaxation. Additionally, Wiesbaden offers private outdoor hot tubs where guests can enjoy their own private hot spring experience surrounded by nature.

Soak in all that nature has to offer at the natural hot springs. Boasting temperatures between 102-108° Fahrenheit, this is the perfect spot to enjoy a relaxing and invigorating experience. If you’re visiting as a day guest, you’ll have two hours to explore the three areas—the Vapor Cave, the Outdoor Pool, and the Lorelei—each offering a unique way to relax.

The Vapor Cave, situated within the mountain and below the main lodge area, is like a natural sauna with multiple chambers at 108° and a cooler stream at 78°. Meanwhile, the Outdoor Pool is fed by the natural spring waters and ranges from 98° to 102°. Here you can take in the stunning views of the San Juan Mountains while basking in the largest pool on the property.

For a truly special experience, check out the Lorelei—a private outdoor soaking pool with a soothing waterfall feature. Named after a feminine water spirit, this pool is available for an additional fee, allowing for more seclusion and a truly tranquil experience.

In combination with lounging around the pool areas or taking part in various activities such as yoga classes or guided hikes through forests and mountainsides, this provides visitors with an unforgettable opportunity to restore balance and feel refreshed during their stay at Wiesbaden Hot Springs Spa & Lodgings. From here it’s easy to transition into discussing types of accommodations available at Wiesbaden.


Wiesbaden Hot Springs Spa & Lodgings Rooms
Wiesbaden Hot Springs Spa & Lodgings Rooms

Outray, Colorado is home to the Wiesbaden Hot Springs Spa & Lodgings, offering a variety of lodging options for both day guests and overnight visitors. Guest rooms are available with king beds or two double beds in each room. All rooms feature air conditioning, an HDTV, free Wi-Fi access, and complimentary continental breakfast. For those looking to relax around the pool spring at Outray’s hot springs spa, there are also several guest cabins located near the pool area that sleep up to four people.

Lodging rates vary based on whether you are visiting as a day guest or staying overnight. Day passes can be purchased from $15 – $25 per person depending on the type of pass chosen. Overnight stays range from $50-$150 per night depending on which option you choose and how many nights you plan to stay. Discounts may apply for group rates or extended stays.

Escape to Wiesbaden for a weekend and stay in one of our many accommodation options. Choose from standard rooms and suites, a three-bedroom house, a cottage, a Historic Register house, or a pet-friendly apartment. With twin beds, king beds, and other bed configurations, our lodging is suitable for couples, families, and larger groups. Plus, all our overnight guests have unlimited access to The Vapor Cave and Outdoor Pool, as well as discounted rates for soaking in the Lorelei and spa services.

The standard rooms are located either in the main lodge or off the courtyard. With double, queen, or king beds, each room comes with a private bath, a coffee maker, and a mini-fridge. Unfortunately, we do not allow children under the age of 3 in these rooms.

The suites offer a more luxurious stay, with a single queen suite and two-bedroom option available. Each suite is located off the courtyard, with plenty of natural light and a separate living area, kitchen/kitchenette, and private bathroom.

For those who are traveling with pets, the resort has two private apartment options located only 2 blocks from the hot springs on Main Street. Both sleep 4-6 guests in a variety of bed sizes, and include a full kitchen, a sitting area, and a private bathroom.

Finally, there are 3 private cabins and houses that are a short distance away from the main lodge and hot springs. Sleeping anywhere from 2 to 8 guests, these secluded cabins and houses provide a full kitchen, a living area, and private bathrooms for a cozy getaway.

At Wiesbaden Hot Springs Spa & Lodgings, all guests have access to amenities like massage treatments, yoga classes, mineral baths, steam showers and saunas. On-site restaurants serve local dishes made with fresh ingredients while bars offer craft beer selections and signature cocktails.

On-Site Amenities

Nestled in the foothills of Outray, Colorado lies a hidden gem – Wiesbaden Hot Springs Spa & Lodgings. Like an oasis amidst the rugged terrain and breathtaking views, this spa offers guests luxurious amenities to savor during their stay. From private baths fed by mineral springs from Pagosa Springs to a hot springs cave for those seeking adventure, Wiesbaden’s on-site amenities offer something for everyone.

Upon arriving at Wiesbaden, visitors are greeted with friendly staff members who are eager to make them feel welcome and comfortable. They can then take advantage of the many amenities that await them such as relaxing in a heated temperature pool or soaking in one of several hot tubs overflowing with natural spring water. Guests also have access to multi-level saunas which provide therapeutic benefits while they relax and unwind after a long day exploring nearby attractions.

For an added touch of relaxation and luxury, guests may request spa services such as massages and facials provided by trained professionals in tranquil settings designed for total rejuvenation. Whether looking for restful respite or invigorating fun, Wiesbaden provides all the comforts of home plus more! With such amazing amenities available right on site, it is no wonder why so many people prefer Wiesbaden when visiting Outray. Seamlessly transitioning into outdoor activities, it’s easy to see how this destination leaves its mark on every guest that visits.

Outdoor Activities

Wiesbaden Hot Springs Spa & Lodgings in Outray, Colorado offers a range of outdoor activities for those seeking an escape from the daily grind. The bath house at the hot springs is an ideal spot to relax while taking in stunning views and enjoying nature’s beauty. Visitors have left subjective opinions of their experiences, with many helpful votes affirming that it provides a great getaway for couples looking for some peace and quiet. Additionally, the clean showers provide ample opportunity to freshen up after a day spent outdoors.

The area around Wiesbaden Hot Springs offers plenty of options for exploring its natural surroundings. There are miles of trails for hiking or biking that can be enjoyed by all skill levels. For those looking to cool off on a hot summer afternoon, there is nearby access to the Arkansas River where visitors can go rafting or kayaking. Fishing enthusiasts will enjoy trying their luck at catching trout from one of several streams located close by as well as numerous lakes within driving distance. No matter what activity you choose, Wiesbaden Hot Springs has something for everyone who loves spending time outside surrounded by breathtaking scenery. With these offerings available right outside your doorstep, it’s easy to see why so many people come back year after year. Looking ahead to spa treatments & services promises even more opportunities to experience invigorating relaxation in this picturesque location.

Spa Treatments & Services

Body massage
Body massage

Outray, Colorado is home to the Wiesbaden Hot Springs Spa & Lodgings – a breathtakingly beautiful and historic hot springs facility. Nestled in the majestic mountains of this charming mountain town, guests can experience an unforgettable spa retreat that radiates with relaxation and rejuvenation. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places since 1975, Wiesbaden has been offering its therapeutic benefits to guests for over 100 years!

The hospitable staff at Wiesbaden will ensure each guest’s visit is nothing short of magical; providing personalized services such as massage therapy and mineral baths to enhance their stay. Guests can also enjoy access to various amenities including a poolside café, outdoor terrace lounge area, fitness studio, sauna and steam room. During winter months, Outray transforms into a winter wonderland where visitors can explore snow-covered trails while sipping on steaming mugs of cocoa under starry night skies.

At Wiesbaden Hot Springs Spa & Lodgings, it’s easy for guests to immerse themselves in health and wellness programs designed to relax both body and mind from the stresses of modern life.

Health & Wellness Programs

Weisbaden Spa and Lodgings in Outray, Colorado offers a variety of health and wellness programs to its guests. The spa is located just a couple of feet away from Glenwood Springs and Poncha Springs, both known for their therapeutic hot springs. Guests can enjoy the perfect temperature that comes with these natural settings as they relax in a soaking pool or even try out one of the many massage therapies available.

The hotel staff are highly trained professionals who understand how important it is to provide quality care during any treatment session. They ensure that each guest is taken care of properly by providing them with personalized attention throughout their stay. Whether you’re looking for a deep tissue massage or an aromatherapy session, Weisbaden’s team will make sure you have the best experience possible.

Weisbaden also provides access to state-of-the-art fitness equipment such as treadmills, stationary bikes, free weights, yoga mats and more. Additionally, there is also an outdoor area where guests can take part in activities like swimming, hiking and biking while taking in some breathtaking views of the surrounding mountainside. With so much to offer at this luxury resort, it’s easy to see why Weisbaden has become such a popular destination for those seeking relaxation and rejuvenation.

With so many options available at Weisbaden Spa & Lodgings when it comes to health and wellness programs, it’s no wonder why guests keep coming back year after year for their own personal retreats. From massages to fitness classes, there truly something here for everyone looking to nourish body and soul on their next vacation getaway! Moving forward into dining options available at Weisbaden…

Dining Options

Outray, Colorado is home to Wiesbaden Hot Springs Spa & Lodgings, a unique getaway destination that offers guests the opportunity to relax and rejuvenate in natural hot springs. The spa has a variety of lodging options ranging from single rooms to larger accommodations for groups. Desk staff can help visitors choose their best option and make reservations with major credit cards. Guests can also take advantage of the cold shower after relaxing in the warm waters of the hot springs.

The dining room at Wiesbaden Hot Springs Spa & Lodgings serves up delicious meals prepared with fresh ingredients sourced locally whenever possible. Many dishes are inspired by traditional German cuisine, as well as other international favorites. All dietary needs can be accommodated upon request. Visitors can enjoy an al fresco meal on their private balcony or patio while taking in stunning views of Outray’s majestic Rocky Mountains.

At Wiesbaden Hot Springs Spa & Lodgings, friendly accommodations combine with outstanding dining options to create an unforgettable experience. With its peaceful atmosphere and numerous amenities, this retreat provides the perfect place for individuals looking for solace and relaxation or couples seeking an intimate escape together. As such, it is no surprise that so many people return again and again to discover all that this special spot has to offer. Transitioning into the next section about group events & retreats, we explore how this idyllic setting caters towards larger gatherings and occasions too.

Group Events & Retreats

Outray’s Wiesbaden Hot Springs Spa & Lodgings offers a variety of group events and retreats for their guests. Whether it is a family reunion, corporate event, or simply a get-together with friends, Outray provides the perfect setting to make memories that will last a lifetime. Guests can choose from various packages which include access to the hot springs and spa amenities as well as overnight accommodations in one of the lodges. The staff at Outray are friendly and accommodating; they take care of all the details so that visitors have nothing to worry about during their stay.

The guest books at Outray are full of stories from European couples who found true relaxation after just a couple hours in the natural hot mineral waters. They also had many nice things to say about the welcoming atmosphere created by the nice staff, making them feel right at home. For those looking for something more adventurous during their visit, there is plenty to explore in this historic mountain town like cool showers beneath cascading waterfalls or exploring nearby trails on horseback.

Once again, Outray has proven itself to be an excellent choice when it comes to group events and retreats. By providing top-notch service along with luxurious amenities and breathtaking views of Colorado’s majestic mountains, visitors can easily find themselves immersed in nature’s beauty while still maintaining complete comfort and convenience during their stay. With such stunning surroundings, local attractions are sure to offer even more enjoyable experiences away from the resort.

Local Attractions

Outray, Colorado is home to a unique hot springs spa and lodgings experience for the traveler looking for relaxation, entertainment and adventure. Located just a couple of blocks from the edge of town, Outray offers an entire experience that will delight future guests with its magical winter wonderland atmosphere.

The Wiesbaden Hot Springs Spa & Lodgings is located on site and provides visitors with access to numerous therapeutic treatments and massages as well as luxurious suites equipped with all the necessary amenities. Guests can take advantage of private outdoor pools and hot tubs or enjoy some drinks at the poolside bar while taking in spectacular views of the surrounding mountains. There are also several hiking trails nearby which provide picturesque scenery for those who want to explore further into nature.

For those interested in experiencing local culture, there are plenty of quaint shops, galleries, restaurants and cafes within walking distance of the spa. Visitors can stroll through downtown Outray’s historic streets where they will find locally made crafts, souvenirs, artworks and antiques. The area also hosts various festivals throughout the year such as music concerts, theatre performances and film screenings showcasing independent filmmakers from around the world. With so many exciting activities available right outside their doorsteps, guests at Wiesbaden Hot Springs Spa & Lodgings are sure to have a memorable stay filled with fun experiences that will linger long after their departure.

Bottom Line

The Wiesbaden Hot Springs Spa & Lodgings is the perfect destination for a rejuvenating getaway. Located in Outray, Colorado, this unique spa and lodging facility offers visitors access to the natural hot spring pools, various types of accommodations, on-site amenities and outdoor activities that make it an ideal retreat. Health and wellness programs provide guests with an opportunity to revitalize their bodies while its dining options satisfy any craving. It also provides plenty of fun for groups by offering special events and customized retreats designed just for them.

Finally, there are countless local attractions nearby that offer additional entertainment or sightseeing opportunities during one’s stay at the Wiesbaden Hot Springs Spa & Lodgings.

By providing such a comprehensive selection of services, this distinctive establishment is sure to exceed expectations when it comes to quality vacation experiences. Its combination of leisurely relaxation and invigorating activity makes it a great choice for those looking to restore balance in their lives. The availability of healthful treatments as well as indulgent luxuries allows everyone to find something they enjoy within its inviting atmosphere.

All these features come together to create a truly enjoyable experience that will leave each guest feeling refreshed and energized upon departure from the Wiesbaden Hot Springs Spa & Lodgings.

This remarkable destination provides everything necessary for an unforgettable holiday or weekend escape. From exploring the surrounding area to relaxing in the hot springs pool and enjoying luxurious pampering sessions; Wiesbaden Hot Springs Spa & Lodgings has something special waiting around every corner – making it worth checking out! Whether seeking tranquility or adventure, visitors can find both here without compromising comfort or convenience along the way.

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Local Information

Address: 625 5th St, Ouray, Colorado 81427
GPS: 38.023056,-107.668333
Phone: 970-325-4347
Season: Year-round
Day-use hours: 10 am – 8 pm
Type: Day-use and overnight resort
Website: wiesbadenhotsprings.com


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