Box Canyon Lodge & Hot Springs – Ouray, Co

Box Canyon Lodge & Hot Springs in Ouray, Colorado is an award-winning destination that combines the beauty of nature with luxurious amenities and inviting hospitality. Situated in a canyon surrounded by breathtaking natural scenery, this resort encompasses all that one needs for an idyllic retreat away from the hustle and bustle of city life. With its stunning views, relaxing hot springs, and spacious lodging opportunities, Box Canyon Lodge & Hot Springs provides guests with endless possibilities for unforgettable adventures.

Upon entering the grounds of Box Canyon Lodge & Hot Springs, visitors are immediately transported to a paradise far removed from their daily routines. The area offers plenty of outdoor activities such as fishing, horseback riding, mountain biking and hiking trails that will take travelers through some of the most amazing landscapes imaginable. For those looking to relax after a long day exploring the outdoors, they can partake in pampering spa services or soak in the therapeutic waters of the onsite hot springs pool fed by natural thermal mineral water.

Experience a new level of tranquility at Box Canyon Lodge & Hot Springs where you can have it all – luxury accommodations and unparalleled access to Mother Nature’s wonders. Enjoy breathtaking vistas while taking part in exciting activities or simply marveling at her beauty – no matter how you spend your time here, there are sure to be memories made that last forever.

Location & History

Box Canyon Lodge & Hot Springs
Box Canyon Lodge & Hot Springs

Box Canyon Lodge & Hot Springs is located in Ouray, Colorado. The lodge has been a local favorite since its opening over fifty years ago and offers visitors the opportunity to experience both luxury lodging and natural hot springs. In addition, it’s within walking distance of the renowned Ouray Ice Park.

The Lodge itself features spacious queen beds, flat-screen TVs, complimentary Wi-Fi, private balconies with sweeping views of Box Canyon, and kitchens equipped with modern appliances. Guests can also take advantage of the onsite hot spring pools that are open year round for soaking or swimming. A credit card is required at check-in for incidentals such as food from the restaurant or any other items purchased during your stay.

Ouray County provides many outdoor activities including hiking trails, fishing spots and rock climbing locations all just minutes away from Box Canyon Lodge & Hot Springs. Whether you’re looking for an adventure filled weekend getaway or a peaceful place to relax and soak in some incredible mountain views – this location will surely provide what you need!

Accommodations & Amenities

Close-to-nature amenities at Box Canyon Lodge & Hot Springs
Close-to-nature amenities at Box Canyon Lodge & Hot Springs

Box Canyon Lodge & Hot Springs offers a range of accommodation types to suit various needs and preferences. The Twin Peaks Lodge is perfect for large family gatherings or special events with its full kitchen, dining area, three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Honeymoon suites are also available with cozy fireplaces and outdoor terraces that provide stunning views of the San Juan Mountains. For those who want an authentic hot springs experience, there is an open-air mineral pool heated by natural spring water located onsite. All rooms come equipped with daily housekeeping services, an ironing board, hairdryer, complimentary Wi-Fi access and continental breakfast served each morning.

The lodge prides itself on giving guests all they need to have a comfortable stay while still providing them with plenty of freedom. Guests can choose from a variety of activities such as horseback riding or fishing nearby or simply relax in one of the many hammocks scattered around the property. With so much to see and do at Box Canyon Lodge & Hot Springs Ouray, CO visitors will find it hard not to take advantage of everything this beautiful destination has to offer.

Hot Springs Pools

The pools at Box Canyon Lodge & Hot Springs
The pools at Box Canyon Lodge & Hot Springs

The relaxation experienced while soaking in the mineral hot springs of Ouray, CO is like no other. Whether it be at Box Canyon Lodge & Hot Springs or elsewhere, these pools offer a healing experience that can only be found here. Guests to this area are treated to an array of options available when looking for a hot springs pool; from private tubs situated along the canyon walls to public spas located onsite, visitors have access to some of the best mineral water in Colorado.

In addition to the natural beauty and therapeutic benefits derived from the minerals, safety measures are also taken seriously by Box Canyon Lodge & Hot Springs management team. Temperature limits are set according to guidelines established by health organizations and routine maintenance helps ensure guests’ safety as they enjoy their time in the spa.

In order for guests to get the most out of their visit, it is important that they understand how special Ouray Hot Springs really is. From its world-renowned reputation as one of America’s oldest spas to its unique location nestled among majestic mountains, there truly isn’t another place quite like it. Taking advantage of all that this destination has to offer will leave visitors feeling rejuvenated and inspired after their stay at Box Canyon Lodge & Hot Springs!

Spa Services

Sauna and Spa services at Box Canyon Lodge & Hot Springs
Spa services at Box Canyon Lodge & Hot Springs

At Box Canyon Lodge & Hot Springs Ouray, CO, guests can indulge in a variety of spa services for relaxation and rejuvenation. The lodge offers hot spring tubs and baths to soak away stress while experiencing the healing benefits that mineralized water has to offer. Guests can also enjoy access to two outdoor hot springs pools close by – Orvis Hot Springs and the nearby Box Canyon Falls Park.

Hot Spring Tubs are available at check-in time with key card access. Each hot spring tub is filled with naturally heated thermal waters from deep within the earth which helps relax tired muscles and joints. These therapeutic waters are rich in minerals like magnesium, calcium, bicarbonate and sulphur; each having its own unique health benefit such as reducing inflammation and promoting better sleep quality. Additionally, soaking in these mineralized waters can help improve circulation, reduce fatigue and tension headaches, stimulate detoxification processes, promote healthy skin complexion and much more!

The lodge also provides massage therapies utilizing a combination of Swedish techniques along with aromatherapy oils for an entirely new level of relaxation. All treatments include a complimentary glass of sparkling wine or juice. There’s something here for everyone looking to restore their mind and body back into balance with nature’s finest elements! So come visit us today at Box Canyon Lodge & Hot Springs Ouray, CO for some restorative blissful indulgence!

Dining Options

At Explore Box Canyon Lodge & Hot Springs Ouray, CO, guests are provided with a variety of delicious dining options. Rich and Karen Avery have created an atmosphere to suit the needs of their guests; the lodge offers meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Breakfast is served from 6:00am – 10:00am daily in the main dining hall. Lunch is available from 11:30 am – 2 pm each day and dinner is served between 5pm-8pm nightly. Special check-in instructions must be followed when arriving at the resort; prepaid reservations require payment prior arrival or a credit card on file that will be used to charge any remaining balance owed upon departure. A safety deposit box may also be requested by visitors during their stay.

The area surrounding Explore Box Canyon Lodge & Hot Springs Ouray, CO provides many exciting activities for its visitors such as rock climbing and hiking trails along Colorado’s famous landscape. Hours of operation vary depending upon season; family friendly policies ensure everyone has access to necessary amenities for relaxation and recreation throughout their stay. Guests may contact staff directly with any questions about services offered or special requests they wish to make during their visit. With so much to do and see around the property, this destination ensures every guest experiences a memorable vacation full of adventure and restful tranquility.

Activities & Attractions

Box Canyon Lodge & Hot Springs in Ouray, CO offers a wide range of activities and attractions. For those who like to explore the outdoors, Box Canyon Falls is a must-see destination. Its majestic beauty will take your breath away as you meander along its winding paths. There are also plenty of opportunities for hunting trips throughout the area.

For foodies looking for something unique, there’s no better place than Ouray Brewery. With their amazing selection of craft beers, it’s sure to please any beer lover! And if you’re looking for an incredible last minute summer road trip, this is one spot that should be on your list.

Canyon ice climbing is another popular activity at Box Canyon Lodge & Hot Springs. Whether you’re an experienced climber or just want to try something new, they offer both guided climbs and Climbing Days with all necessary gear provided from start to finish. It’s an unforgettable experience that you won’t soon forget!

In addition to these great outdoor experiences, visitors can explore Scenic Waterfall Gorge located nearby. This breathtaking gorge features over 20 waterfalls ranging in size from small cascades to giant ones towering hundreds of feet above the ground. Whether you hike the trails or hop aboard a boat tour, this natural wonder has something special to offer everyone!

Nearby Hiking Trails

Located in the heart of Ouray, Colorado, Box Canyon Lodge & Hot Springs is surrounded by spectacular mountain peaks and breathtaking views. The lodge offers a variety of accommodations to suit every traveler’s needs including terraced decks with private balconies providing stunning views of nearby scenery. Those who stay at the Story Box Canyon Lodge will be delighted to find that their room includes amenities such as a coffee maker for early morning refreshment before setting off on one of the many hiking trails located close by.

The surrounding area provides an abundance of opportunities for hikers looking to explore the majestic San Juan Mountains. There are numerous trails within driving distance from the lodge offering varying levels of difficulty from easy day hikes suitable for all ages to more challenging multi-day treks through alpine forests and over rocky terrain. Hikers can also take advantage of scenic overlooks along these trails which provide incredible panoramic views perfect for memorable photo ops.

The hiking trails near Box Canyon Lodge allow visitors to connect with nature while taking in some of the most beautiful landscapes in Colorado’s Rocky Mountain region. Whether you are interested in leisurely strolls or strenuous backcountry adventures, there is sure to be something that appeals to everyone here at this premier mountain getaway destination.

Fishing & Boating Experiences

If you are looking for the ultimate fishing & boating experience, then look no further than Box Canyon Waterfall Lodge and Hot Springs in Ouray Co. This idyllic location offers unbeatable views, physical barriers to keep out any unwanted intruders, complimentary coffee, and pine wood accent walls that create a peaceful atmosphere.

For those seeking to fish or boat on their vacation at the lodge, there is no better place. With its close proximity to Three Level Ouray Brewery, guests can take advantage of all the natural beauty surrounding them while enjoying delicious food & drinks at one of the nearby restaurants. The variety of activities available make this an ideal spot for families and groups alike.

The fishing & boating experiences offered by Box Canyon Waterfall Lodge provide visitors with an unforgettable getaway they won’t soon forget. From fly-fishing to kayaking, there’s something here for everyone – whether you’re looking for relaxing quiet time or a little adventure. With so much to offer, it’s easy to see why this destination has become such a favorite among travelers from near and far!

Winter Sports Adventures

For centuries, the outdoors of Ouray has attracted those seeking freedom and adventure. Box Canyon Lodge & Hot Springs is perfectly situated for winter sports adventures such as skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, ice climbing and more. The lodge offers comfortable mountain-lodge style accommodations with queen beds, hot breakfast in the morning, and breathtaking 360-degree views from nearly every window.

The resort’s front desk reception hours are from 8am to 10pm daily. During that time guests can inquire about skiing or other winter activities in the area. Equipment rental is also available onsite for a reasonable price so visitors don’t have to worry about bringing their own gear if they’re coming from far away.

At Box Canyon Lodge & Hot Springs, adventurers will find all the amenities necessary for an unforgettable winter getaway. Whether you choose to take part in cold weather activities or simply relax by one of our four outdoor hot springs pools – this place will surely provide relaxation and peace of mind after a long day spent enjoying the mountainside!

Group Retreat

Group Retreats at Box Canyon Lodge & Hot Springs Ouray, CO offer an ideal location for groups of all sizes. Nestled in the heart of a canyon, this lodge provides guests with stunning natural beauty and breathtaking views. A variety of room types are available to accommodate any size group, from small two-person cabins to large dormitories that can sleep up to fifteen people. The multi-level decks provide plenty of space for outdoor activities like camping or picnicking.

In addition to lodging options, Box Canyon also offers savings vouchers for their regular check-in hours, so groups can enjoy discounted rates when they book multiple rooms together. Additionally, there is a coin operated laundry facility onsite, which makes it easy to keep everyone’s clothes clean during extended stays.

For those looking for more modern amenities such as televisions and Wi-Fi access without sacrificing the feeling of being surrounded by nature, Box Canyon Lodge has all the comforts of a traditional chain hotel combined with the charm of smaller boutique lodges. With its spectacular setting in one of Colorado’s most beautiful locations, Box Canyon is sure to provide your group with an unforgettable retreat experience.

Local Events

Box Canyon Lodge & Hot Springs Ouray, CO offers a variety of events and activities to enjoy throughout the year. According to Expedia Group, over 200 events are held annually in this destination alone. From music festivals and races to art shows and family-friendly gatherings, there is something for everyone at Box Canyon Lodge & Hot Springs Ouray, CO.

One popular event that takes place each summer is the Bessie Cogar Music Festival. This festival features local musicians from around the region as well as nationally recognized acts. There are also plenty of food vendors, craft beer tastings, and more during this event. Additionally, visitors can partake in outdoor adventures such as white water rafting or horseback riding if they prefer an active holiday experience.

The property offers several styles of lodgings ranging from single queen beds up to full suites with kitchenettes and living areas equipped with DVD players. All rooms come complete with smoke-free amenities like tub combinations so guests can relax while enjoying spectacular views of the surrounding mountainside. Whatever type of accommodation travelers choose, there’s always something special waiting for them here at Box Canyon Lodge & Hot Springs Ouray Co.

Bottom Line

Box Canyon Lodge & Hot Springs in Ouray, Colorado presents an alluring invitation for travelers with its rustic charm, luxurious amenities and wealth of activities both indoors and outdoors. Located in the picturesque San Juan Mountains, this historic lodge offers something for everyone – from spa services to fishing expeditions to winter sports adventures. For groups seeking a unique retreat experience, Box Canyon Lodge has the perfect ambiance and accommodations to make it happen. With hot springs pools, fine dining options and more, visitors can soak up the area’s natural beauty while enjoying some well-deserved rest and relaxation.

The captivating atmosphere of this mountain hideaway is sure to leave lasting memories like stars twinkling in the night sky. Whether you come alone or as part of a group, you will be immersed into breathtaking surroundings that are complemented by a variety of engaging events such as local art shows and holiday celebrations held throughout the year. A stay at Box Canyon Lodge & Hot Springs is truly a “treat” for body, mind and soul alike!

Come explore where nature meets elegance; let your journey begin at Box Canyon Lodge & Hot Springs Ouray – just imagine what sweet surprises await when you open the door!

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Local information

Address: 45 3rd Ave, Ouray, Colorado 81427
GPS: 38.019203, -107.674234
Phone: 970-325-4981
Season: Year-round
Clothing: Required


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