Alaska is a land of many wonders, including its natural hot springs. These springs offer the perfect way to relax and rejuvenate after a long day of exploring all that this great state has to offer. As a travel blogger, I highly recommend spending some time at Alaska’s natural hot springs if you’re lucky enough to visit this amazing place.

Best Hot Springs in Alaska

Alaska’s amazing natural landscapes await you! Photo by: Scot Nelson

12 Best Natural Hot Springs in Alaska (Map & Guide)

If you’re looking for a truly unique travel experience, then a trip to Alaska’s hot springs is a must. There are many different springs scattered around the state, each with its own personality and set of attractions. A list of Coolest Hot Springs in Alaska might be a good start point for a first time…

Cool hot springs list

There are many different springs scattered around Alaska, so you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for you. Some of the most popular ones include Chena Hot Springs Resort, Independence Mine State Historic Park, and Lava Hot Springs. Each one offers its own unique experience, so be sure to explore them all!

Soaking in the natural hot springs of Alaska is a must-do activity for any visitor. Not only are they relaxing and refreshing, but they’re also a great way to experience some of the state’s beautiful scenery. I guarantee you won’t regret spending an afternoon or evening soaking in these amazing natural wonders.

Map of Alaska’s Hot Springs

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Local Hot Springs

Hot springs are scattered across the state. Fortunately there are quite a few cool hot springs near main cities.  All Fairbanks, Anchorage and Juneau have several hot springs around them.

Types of Hot Springs in Alaska

It is crucial to gain an understanding of the many options available across the state of Alaska before making travel plans to visit any of the state’s many hot springs. Primitive hot springs, rustic community facilities, and hot spring resorts are the three primary classifications that are used to describe Alaska’s various types of hot springs.

Primitive Hot Springs

Finding a hot spring in the middle of the wilderness is probably your best bet if you’re an adventurer looking for the most authentic and one-of-a-kind experience possible, particularly if you have a passion for activities such as snowmobiling, hiking, or trekking, and you want to do all of these things while basking in the beauty and tranquility of Alaska.

The majority of these undeveloped springs can only be reached with significant effort and, in some cases, the assistance of a local guide. The reward, though, is a lengthy, hot soak in the middle of nowhere that makes you feel as though the rest of the world is thousands of miles away, which is because it actually is! In general, these hot springs are distinguished by their remote location and close proximity to the wilderness as well as fauna and nature. In addition, they are relatively uncomplicated.

You will find that you are sitting smack dab in the middle of a hot mineral spring or inside of a basin that is filled from a local source when you enter one of these structures, which are often made up of a few rocks surrounding a natural pool or a basic wooden or concrete tub. Water that is somewhat cooler is frequently provided to assist maintain a consistent temperature.

In order to maintain tolerable temperatures during the soaking process, you may need to carry it in buckets at times, and at other times it will be piped in. The majority of the time, the only conveniences available are the things that the natural grandeur of Alaska puts at your fingertips. The experience is not for those who are easily rattled, but it will leave a lasting and unforgettable impression.

Finding undeveloped natural hot springs in Alaska is frequently an option that is friendly to one’s wallet. It is more difficult to get there, and you will need to put in a lot of effort either physically or mentally, either by navigating treacherous waterways or slippery snowy slopes. Access may be more difficult depending on the conditions, and a significant amount of planning and preparation is required for your excursion.

The vast majority of primitive hot springs sites do not provide overnight accommodations; however, a few can be located in close proximity to cabins or Airbnbs. Primitive camping will most likely be involved, so you should be prepared for that. Camping in its most basic form is permitted in Alaska so long as it is done at a distance of at least one hundred feet from any hot springs.

Rustic Community Facilities

The rustic community amenities that may be found in off-the-beaten-path settlements in Alaska are a step up from the more basic hot springs that are located throughout the state. Both residents and tourists attend these facilities. Some of these facilities are rather excellent, and some of them have bathhouses that are kept up by either the locals or the Forestry Service.

They provide facilities such as outhouses and clean pools, which can be found either outside or inside a covered building. In more remote places, individuals who work in the region seasonally will frequently use these pools for both physical bathing and as a focal point for the exchange of neighborhood rumors.

Finding your way to the rustic community hot springs is substantially less difficult. It’s possible that you won’t need a compass, but you probably will want a boat or seaplane.

Depending on where you go, many of these hot springs are in locations that are hidden away in secluded areas near places where people have settled down to make their homes. Most of the time, renting a vehicle from a larger city that is located closer, such as Sitka or Fairbanks, is going to be the most convenient way to go to these out in the wilderness community facilities.

In most cases, guests have the option of renting a cabin or lodge, in addition to participating in primitive camping. Even though you might not always need trekking abilities to reach a rustic communal hot spring, you should nonetheless come prepared just in case. No matter whatever spring you go to, you will have to deal with bears and mosquitoes. They are always hiding in the surrounding areas.

Hot Springs Resorts

Last but not least, Alaska is also home to a number of luxurious hot springs resorts throughout the state. These resorts, most of which are situated outside of bigger cities, provide visitors with an authentic and all-encompassing Alaskan experience, complete with every imaginable amenity. They cater to the population of people who are on vacation.

These resorts include well-appointed lodgings that carry the peaceful atmosphere of the hot springs into their massage studios and guestrooms, starting with their opulent pools that are located both indoors and out in the open air.

Hot springs resorts are notorious for having significantly higher visitor volumes compared to more remote pools. Those tourists who are looking for a more traditional break in an urban setting will find these accommodations to be ideal.

The majority of these Alaskan resorts provide guests with a variety of opportunities for recreation, including dog sledding and excursions to view the Aurora Borealis. In addition to opulent bedrooms and satisfying meals, the vacation also includes therapeutic massages and yoga courses.

To obtain admission to the pools at these hot springs resorts, guests and locals alike are encouraged to purchase day permits at the front desk. Therefore, even if you are not the type of person who goes on luxurious vacations, you can still get a taste of the good life by spending a day soaking in the therapeutic mineral waters.

Your trip to Alaska could be made more complete by including some time spent hiking around the local terrain, followed by a stay at a relaxing resort where you can let your aching muscles rest and rejuvenate. A fantastic trip to Alaska can be capped off with a stay at one of the state’s world-class resorts.

Some Favorite Alaskan Hot Springs

The state of Alaska is home to an abundance of thermal mineral springs, which may be found all around the state. Let’s take a look at some of the most well-known hot springs, including:

White Sulphur Springs is a well-known hot spring that is revered for both its aesthetic appeal and the curative effects that come as a result of its location. White Sulphur Springs Cabin, which is located on the premises, offers overnight accommodations at extremely reasonable rates for guests. This isolated built-up primitive hot springs can only be reached by boat due to its remote location. It would be a shame to miss out on the stunning natural beauty and the magnificent natural hot springs pool.

Tenakee Hot Spring – Not only are the Tenakee Hot Springs fantastic, but they are also free to use. The water in these pools is kept at an ideal temperature of 105 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the entire year, and the cleanliness of the pools here is quite remarkable. Not only is this hot spring convenient, but it also has a calming atmosphere and is good for you. If you are searching for a place to relax, you should go to Tenakee Spring just outside of Juneau.

The state of Alaska is home to a plethora of different kinds of hot springs. Therefore, you should make the most of your time in one of the most extraordinary places in North America – The Last Frontier!

Why Alaska?

Even the mere word of Alaska conjures up mental pictures of snow-covered mountains topped with glaciers, whales, and people fishing for salmon. You look out the window and see brown bears, expansive meadows filled with abundant wildflowers, and snow-capped mountains in the background.

Alaska exemplifies the meaning of the term “great outdoors” because it is home to only 700,000 people despite having more than 34,000 miles of rugged coastline that touches two different oceans (the Arctic and the Pacific), 17 of the 20 highest peaks in all of the United States, and numerous other natural wonders. As someone who enjoys being outside, it shouldn’t take much time to persuade you to spend some time in Alaska during the course of your lifetime. There is nothing else that comes close.

At least twenty percent of Alaska’s current population still identifies as having native Alaskan ancestry, making this one of the state’s most distinctive characteristics. These respected and important peoples maintain their way of life by adhering to a subsistence mode of existence and passing on the knowledge, skills, and practices that have allowed them to thrive.

Native Alaskans have a wealth of knowledge of the land, which they have gained via a combination of drawing on the vast natural resources that are found in Alaska and putting into practice the traditional wisdom that has been handed down from generation to generation. This extensive knowledge includes that of the waters that spring forth pools of steamy, mineral water and entice residents as well as guests to come and have a long, hot soak in the waters.