Serpentine Hot Springs – Bearing Land Bridge NP, Alaska

Located in the Bering Land Bridge National Preserve in Alaska, Serpentine Hot Springs is a spectacular natural attraction. Boasting lush forest and hot springs, this area is an idyllic getaway. The strikingly beautiful landscape offers visitors an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The hot springs are situated along Hot Springs Creek and the Continental Divide, which bisects North America. This serene spot is managed by the National Park Service and visitors can enjoy its isolation while they relax in nature’s calming embrace. Its waters are said to have healing properties that can help improve one’s physical condition.

In addition to its therapeutic benefits, Serpentine Hot Springs also provides a window into the past. It is located near the Bering Land Bridge National Monument which commemorates the first people who crossed the Bering Strait land bridge some 20,000 years ago. The area also holds many historic and archaeological sites that are open for exploration.

Natural Hot Springs Pool

Reservations are not required to stay in the bunkhouse at Serpentine Hot Springs. Photo by: Bering Land Bridge NP
Reservations are not required to stay in the bunkhouse at Serpentine Hot Springs. Photo by: Bering Land Bridge NP

The hot springs at Serpentine have been used by humans for thousands of years, dating back to the time when the native Athabaskan people inhabited this region. When the first European settlers arrived in the 19th century, they used the hot springs as a place to rest and recuperate from the stress of the gold rush. In the early 20th century, the hot springs were converted into a hydroelectric power plant. It generated electricity for the mining town of Kennecott, 12 miles away, until the 1970s.

A visit to Serpentine Hot Springs in Alaska is truly an experience unlike any other. Wildlife such as raptors, songbirds, caribou, brown bears, red fox, and moose can be observed amongst the granite “tors” spiring the landscape. Whether you choose to bathe and relax in the outdoor pool or soak in the warmth of the bathhouse, this oasis offers all visitors a spectacle of healing.

Just be sure to use caution as temperatures can reach up to 170°F. Cooler water may be available; however should pipes freeze during colder months it is best to have on hand buckets from which river water derived will cool down the higher temperatures of water.

Serpentine Hot Springs is more than just an Alaskan cultural experience – it’s a definitive exploration of geology! Soak up its natural beauty and discover what makes this place like no other. Come for a delightful therapeutic escape surrounded by nature at its finest and embark on a journey that exemplifies geological elegance.

Capture surreal experiences at Serpentine Hot Springs! Unwind from your daily hustle by soaking in this therapeutic pool – visit today for an extraordinary adventure that blends Alaskan culture with significant geological features!

However, these hydroelectric facilities were decommissioned in the 1980s because they were not cost-effective. Today, Serpentine Hot Springs is managed by the Forest Service as part of the Chitina-Serpentine Wildlife Refuge. As such, it is one of the few public hot springs in the state.

Accommodations and Food

Soak in the indoor bathhouse or outside when visiting Serpentine Hot Springs in <a class=
Soak in the indoor bathhouse or outside when visiting Serpentine Hot Springs in Alaska. Photo by: Bering Land Bridge NP

Planning to take a stunning journey in the wilderness of Serpentine Hot Springs? You’re gonna need to have some crucial details worked out before you get started. From low-cost accommodations in Nome and a lightweight backpacking tent + gear, to delicious meals and snacks you won’t want to miss — we’ll make sure your trip necessities are on point!

Make sure to arrange your pre-trip accommodations in Nome and check with the leader for updated status on low-cost options. And when it comes to on-trip camping gear, stick with a lightweight approach — bring only what’s necessary for maximum enjoyment. As for food, all meals, snacks, and drinks from Sunday lunch to Saturday lunch will be included (phew!). If you have dietary restrictions, contact the leader right away so they can ensure your needs will be met.

So don’t let accomodations, food or gear be a source of extra stress; when you start planning your trip to Serpentine Hot Springs all that should be left is what activities you’d like to enjoy during your stay!


Welcome to Serpentine Hot Springs! This idyllic sanctuary of nature has something for everyone, including a first-come, first-served bunkhouse, bathhouse, and even an outhouse. Keep reading to find out more about the amenities that await you at this off-grid retreat.

The bunkhouse is divided into three rooms with cozy bunk beds, perfect for creating comfortable accommodations in the wild. Plus, it comes with all the cooking tools and supplies you need – Coleman stoves, fuel oil, matches, bear-safe storage lockers and basic kitchen utensils included. All that’s asked is that you remember to take all your trash away when you go!

To make sure our little corner of paradise stays pristine there are two gravity-fed Katadyn filters inside the bunkhouse to filter drinking water for coliform bacteria and giardia. And an outhouse near the airstrip, where toilet paper isn’t supplied but should be! So come together with friends and family at Serpentine Hot Springs – all a short plane ride away from civilization.

How To Get There

Charter planes can drop you off a short walk away from the hot springs. Photo by: Bering Land Bridge NP
Charter planes can drop you off a short walk away from the hot springs. Photo by: Bering Land Bridge NP

Ready for the ultimate Alaskan adventure? Look no further than Serpentine Hot Springs. Located in the vast wilds of Alaska, getting here requires truly intrepid skills. You can traverse by plane, snowmobile, bike, or foot; whatever journey you choose, prepare yourself for some seriously stunning views of America’s Last Frontier.

The best way to experience Serpentine Hot Springs is to drive from Anchorage on the Alaska Highway (Highway 1) to the Seward Peninsula, turn onto Route 99772 at Coldfoot, and take a ferry ride across Norton Sound to Unalakleet. From here, visitors can drive south on Route 99929 towards Nome. Then take a side road east on the Bering Straits Native Corporation Road until you reach your destination.

Although there are no open roads leading to this remote oasis, visitors still flock here year-round to bask in its restorative thermal waters. In winter months, brave travelers often make the two-day, 100-mile snowmobile trek from Nome over deep snowdrifts and windswept tundra. However summer is the preferred season if you’re looking to fly-in from Kotzebue or Nome (locals recommend a bush plane).

Alternatively explore with your own two feet on a long and meandering hike/bike combo from Nome or Deering–just be sure to pack enough food supplies and bear protection! The sights along the way will make all your preparation worth it – from breathtaking panoramas of mountain peaks on one side to wildflowers blanketing the tussock on the other – with the promise of steaming hot springs around every bend.

Timing and Tips

The Serpentine Hot Springs are also referred to as the “cooking pot” due to the water’s high temperature. Photo by: Bering Land Bridge NP
The Serpentine Hot Springs are also referred to as the “cooking pot” due to the water’s high temperature. Photo by: Bering Land Bridge NP

At Serpentine Hot Springs, a journey into nature awaits! Enjoy mild summer temperatures, ripe wild berries on fall hikes, blissful respite in the steamy waters during winter’s chill and vibrant meadows of wildflowers come springtime. An outdoor adventure awaits no matter the season—no need to worry about bad timing!

Follow your curiosity and escape the hustle and bustle as you explore this captivating landscape. Challenge yourself with hikes through alpine forests and discover a paradise away from it all. Immerse yourself in nature’s beauty and be drawn into an unforgettable experience at Serpentine Hot Springs.

In addition to its incredible scenery and historical significance, the area is home to a variety of wildlife, including moose, caribou, and wolverines. The nearby Bering Land Bridge National Wildlife Refuge is also a great place to explore and observe birds, seals, whales, and sea lions.

Make the journey with friends, family or go solo—it doesn’t matter! Bask in the lush environment or find your inner-athlete with challenging excursions—whatever fits your preference! Tag along for an adventure awaiting discovery at this epic sanctuary of nature!


Serpentine Hot Springs is a popular attraction located in the Bering Land Bridge National Preserve. This area was once a land bridge connecting North America and Asia, and is now protected by the National Park Service. The hot springs were originally part of the Bering Land Bridge National Monument, which was later incorporated into the Bering Land Bridge NP. Visitors can reach the hot springs by taking a flight with Alaska Airlines to the nearby village of Nome, and then driving for several hours on rough roads.

The hot springs themselves are located in a remote area and are fed by a water table deep beneath the earth’s surface. The water is naturally heated by geothermal activity and emerges at the surface at a temperature of around 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Visitors can enjoy the hot water in a large bathing pool surrounded by stunning views of the surrounding wilderness.

While the weather in this area can be beautiful, visitors should be aware of weather issues such as cold temperatures and high winds. The best time to visit is during the high-use season of June to August, when temperatures are warmer and the roads are more accessible. Overall, Serpentine Hot Springs is a unique and beautiful destination for those looking to experience the natural wonders of Alaska.


Since Serpentine Hot Springs is located in Southeast Alaska, the weather is often unpredictable. The temperatures can be warm one day, and freezing cold the next. You will want to make sure you pack for all types of weather when visiting Serpentine Hot Springs. Bring rain gear, warm layers, and an extra jacket in case you need to bundle up.

In particular, you will want to make sure you are prepared for snow. While unlikely, it is possible to experience snow in Southeast Alaska in the spring and summer months.

Weather forecast (next 5 days)

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Local Info

Location: Bearing Land Bridge NP, Alaska 99772
Season: Year-round | Prepare for extreme weather conditions
GPS: 65.8569N, 164.7142W


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