Goddard Hot Springs – Sitka, Alaska (Map and Guide)

Relaxing at Goddard Hot Springs in Sitka, Alaska, with its scenic surroundings, which include a slope covered in grass and views of the lake, is a great way to spend the day. This ancient hot springs site is the ideal addition to any trip to Alaska, since it can be reached by canoe, floatplane, or boat and offers visitors a unique and memorable experience.


It’s possible that Goddard Hot Springs has the longest recorded history of any of Alaska’s other hot springs’ mineral springs. Goddard was previously the location of three cottages that served as homes for those who were ailing and was first discovered by Europeans in the middle of the 1800s. Prior to this time, however, the Indians who lived nearby took advantage of the curative waters.

By the year 1890, new structures had been erected for locals who were looking for treatments for a wide variety of illnesses. After that, in the 1920s, a hotel with three stories was built so that people could have more pleasant overnight accommodations.

After 1946, the structure was no longer in use, therefore the city of Sitka decided to demolish it and replace it with two contemporary bathhouses made of cedar. These bathhouses are utilized for recreational purposes and are owned and administered by the city.

Hot Springs Pools & Lodging

Goddard Hot Springs may be found about forty-five minutes south of the city of Sitka in Alaska, tucked away in the midst of a breathtaking natural setting. The location provides easy access with boardwalks as well as two bathhouses, an outhouse, and a restroom.

Scenic views of the bay and surrounding lush forest from the Goddard Hot Springs tub. Photo by: Visit Sitka
Scenic views of the bay and surrounding lush forest from the Goddard Hot Springs tub. Photo by: Visit Sitka

These stainless steel tubs are protected from the elements by shelters and are offered without charge and on a first-come, first-served basis. To make the temperatures of 63 degrees Celsius (153 degrees Fahrenheit) more tolerable for soaking, the bathhouses include both natural hot springs water and cool water.

Campsites are located in a grassy meadow on higher land close to Goddard Hot Springs. This area is known for its natural hot springs.

Additionally, guests have the option of staying at the nearby Tom Young Memorial Cabin, which is located just across the water. It is a luxurious cabin that features numerous contemporary conveniences and breathtaking vistas. This makes for a wonderful home base from which to explore the local area and soak in the hot tubs.

How to get there?

In addition to canoeing and kayaking, visitors also have the option of renting floatplanes to fly over the area. There are a number of launch places within Sitka and the surrounding area, so the distance that may be paddled is around 30 miles. Paddlers should prepare for an expedition that will last for three days.

You can get to the Goddard Hot Springs by boat, floatplane, or paddling. Photo by: Jasperado
You can get to the Goddard Hot Springs by boat, floatplane, or paddling. Photo by: Jasperado

About 26 kilometers (16 miles) to the south of Sitka is where you’ll find Goddard Hot Springs, which are located in Hot Springs Bay on the outer edge of Baranof Island. Boat excursions that depart from Sitka will gladly carry you across the rocks and shoals that are located surrounding the hot springs. Along the way, they will also point out a few unique coves and channels.

In addition, many businesses are more than delighted to send you off, wait for you while you enjoy the hot tubs, and then bring you back to Sitka at the end of the day.

Goddard Hot Springs is an Alaskan adventure that is just waiting for you to come and explore it, and you can get there in a number of different ways.

If you want your healing journey to be complete, a stop at the Baranof Warm Springs should be one of the places you visit. There, you will feel as if you have experienced the natural beauty and the calming magic of an Alaskan vacation.


Goddard Hot Springs is an ancient hot springs site located in Sitka, Alaska, and offers visitors a unique and memorable experience. This popular attraction can be reached by canoe, floatplane or boat and boasts two modern cedar bathhouses offering free hot springs water. Visitors staying overnight can book the luxurious Tom Young Memorial Cabin located nearby. With its beautiful scenery, healing waters and comfortable ride, Goddard Hot Springs is an ideal addition to any trip to Alaska.

Weather forecast for Goddard Hot Springs (5 days)

[simple-weather latitude=”56.846531″ longitude=”-135.379772″ days=”5″ night=”yes”
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Weather should be taken with great care as it can make or break your trip. You’d better check it every day before your departure and prepare accordingly.


Address: Sitka, Alaska 99835
Season: Year-round
Admission: Free
GPS: 56.846531, -135.379772

Goddard Hot Springs Map



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