Chief Shakes Hot Springs – Wrangell, Alaska (Map & Guide)

You’ll discover the ideal place to soak away your sorrows in the middle of some of Alaska’s most stunning scenery at the Stikine-LeConte Wilderness Hot Springs, which are located deep within the Stikine-LeConte Wilderness of the Tonga National Forest in Wrangell, Alaska. At Chief Shakes Hot Springs, there is a serene atmosphere that is just waiting for you and your family to arrive so that you can unwind for the day.

Hot Springs Pools

Soak indoors or outside at Chief Shakes Hot Springs in Alaska. Photo by: U.S. Forest Service – Tongass National Forest
Soak indoors or outside at Chief Shakes Hot Springs in Alaska. Photo by: U.S. Forest Service – Tongass National Forest

The hot and cold flow pipes in each tub allow for the temperature of the water to be adjusted, although the average temperature of the water in each tub is roughly 140 degrees Fahrenheit. The United States Forest Service is responsible for the upkeep of the complete Chief Shakes complex, which consists of two hot springs pools, dressing rooms, two outhouses, a picnic table, and a fire ring.


Anywhere within 100 feet of the pathways that go to the springs or the facility itself is acceptable for tent camping. In addition, the United States Forest Service maintains two wilderness lodges that can be found upriver of the current location of the speaker.

The Shakes Slough 1 and Shakes Slough 2 cabins make for an excellent basecamp from which to explore the rest of the Stikine River as well as the several hot springs pools. These cottages, which are hidden away in the middle of unbroken nature, offer a secure place to spend the night with breathtaking vistas.

How to get there

Chief Shakes Hot Springs may be reached by boat and are situated 28 miles to the north of Wrangell, Alaska. They are located along the Stikine River and just off of Ketili Slough.

Epic Drone Video of Wrangell Alaska

The majority of tourists should engage a guide service or go alongside a native in order to successfully navigate the tidal river. If you opt to go adventuring on the weekends, during the summer, or during the course of a holiday break, you should prepare for a full day of activities and anticipate that there will be people.

When you get there, all you have to do to get to the hot springs facilities is walk a route that’s about a quarter of a mile long. This is Chief Shakes. Hot Springs is a unique spot in the middle of nowhere where people of all ages can gather with their loved ones to enjoy the breathtaking natural scenery of Alaska. Bring an outfit for swimming, a towel, and some food for a picnic, and make a day of it.

Hike the neighboring glacier that shares its name with the springs and get a view of the Canadian border, which is only a few minutes away. This will give an extra element of excitement to your trip.

Chief Shakes Hot Springs Weather (5 days)

The weather can be changing fast so please check it constantly to prepare properly hence assure a great experience for your trip.

Map of Chief Shakes Hot Springs


Address: Wrangell, Alaska 99929
Phone: 907-225-3101
Season: Year-round
GPS: 56.726944,  -132.052222