Ringbolt Hot Springs – Willow Beach, Arizona

The remote and isolated lands of the American southwest are home to some stunning natural wonders. From scenic deserts to forested peaks, the region is rich with beautiful landscapes and a variety of wildlife. One of the most spectacular spots in this part of the country is found along the northern edge of Arizona, where the quiet wilderness park known as the Verde River Canyon Wilderness offers visitors a chance to experience nature in all its beauty and splendor.

Hike to Ringbolt Hot Springs Near Las Vegas
How to Hike to Arizona Hot Springs Near Las Vegas

Perhaps one of its greatest treasures is a small set of geothermal hot springs that locals refer to as “The Ringbolt Hot Springs” or “Arizona Hot Springs.” They are located along a trail that begins from an old mining site by the same name and leads hikers down into a valley with several natural waterfalls surrounded by dense forest.

Location and Directions

The Ringbolt Hot Springs are located in a remote wilderness area along the northern edge of Arizona. The area is rich with scenic landscapes and beautiful vistas, so it’s a wonder it hasn’t been more widely discovered. Anyone in search of the perfect place to discover nature’s splendor will find it here.

The hot springs are located in the Verde River Canyon Wilderness. The nearest city is Sedona, Arizona, which is 72 miles (116 km) southeast of the springs. The springs are on Forest Service land, and there are no fees to access the area.

A Brief History

Information about the history of these hot springs is sparse, but it’s clear that the area has been a popular attraction for locals and travelers for decades. Some say the springs were originally discovered over 100 years ago, and were popularized by hikers in the 1950s.

Others claim that the springs were first mapped by the US Geological Survey back in the 1930s, when geologists found the area to be rich with minerals and hot water. Regardless of their precise origin, the hot springs in Arizona are a delightful part of the American outdoors.

Hiking To The Ringbolt Hot Springs

Looking down to Ringbolt Hot Springs. Photo: JerseyRiz
Looking down to Ringbolt Hot Springs. Photo: JerseyRiz

Hikers will find that the hot springs are located off of the trail known as the Verde River Trail. This trail begins at the FR 632 trailhead, which is east of Sedona AZ along Highway 89A. From the trailhead, hikers should follow the Verde River Trail, which takes visitors along the river and into the lush, green wilderness.

Along the way, visitors can expect to see a number of waterfalls and a breathtaking view of the surrounding forest and mountains. The hike to the hot springs is easy and short and takes only 2-3 hours each way.

Camping and RV Hook-up Info

Visitors to the Ringbolt Hot Springs should note that there are no amenities or services available in the area. Hikers are welcome to camp, but there are no designated spots for doing so. It’s best to bring all the necessary supplies, including water and plenty of food. There are also no hook-ups for RVs or other motorized vehicles.

What to Expect

When you arrive at the Ringbolt Hot Springs, you will find a small pond of steaming water surrounded by lush green forest. A waterfall nearby tumbles down a nearby hill and into the pond, adding to the natural beauty of the place. Around the edges of the pond, hikers will find large, smooth rocks to relax upon and soak in the mineral-rich water. It’s an idyllic place that’s rare to find these days, and one that offers visitors the perfect place to relax, unwind, and experience the splendor of nature.

Activities at the Hot Springs

The Ringbolt Hot Springs are the perfect place to relax, unwind, and experience the splendor of nature. They are a natural oasis in the desert, and visitors will find that they are surrounded by a lush green forest with a small but lovely hot spring in the middle of it. Many visitors choose to relax in the spring and soak in the mineral-rich water. Others will choose to lounge on the large, smooth rocks around the pool, taking in the raw beauty of the place.

Tips for Visiting the Ringbolt Hot Springs in Arizona

Because the hot springs are located in a remote wilderness area, visitors should come prepared. It’s best to come during the warmer months (March-October) since the area gets very cold during the winter months. It’s important to note that the hike to the hot springs is a long one, so be sure to come prepared with plenty of food and water. It’s also a good idea to come dressed for the elements and wearing good, sturdy hiking shoes.

The Weather

The hot springs are located in Arizona, which means that they are subject to the state’s mild, desert climate. Most of the year, the weather is warm and comfortable with plenty of sunny days. However, the desert can be very unpredictable, and visitors should come prepared for all kinds of weather. While the summer months are warm and sunny, the fall and winter months can be very cold, with snowfall even in the higher elevations.


The Ringbolt Hot Springs are a remote and surprisingly wild few hours from Sedona. It’s easy to forget how close this spot is to one of the most popular destinations in Arizona when you’re relaxing in the hot springs, surrounded by lush forest and a picturesque waterfall. This makes the hot springs a great place to visit any time of year and for all kinds of people.

Local information

Address: Willow Beach, Arizona 86445, USA (near Boulder City, NV)
LL: 35.960558,-114.725355
Season: October to May (avoid summer too hot) –> Trail closed annually May 15-September 30
Hike: 6 miles (loop)