Mount Princeton Hot Springs – Nathrop, Colorado

Nestled at the foot of Mount Princeton, Mount Princeton Hot Springs is a great destination for family vacations, romantic getaways, or just a weekend escape. As one of Colorado’s top resort getaways, this naturally formed oasis has something for everyone.

For those looking to relax and unwind, the large hot spring pools, soaking tubs surrounded by cliffsides, and primitive creek-side hot springs are an ideal escape. The resort also offers spa services such as massages, facials skin treatments and more.

Accommodations vary widely from creekside suites to rustic cabins and cliffside rooms for every type of traveler. Guests can stay on either side of Chalk Creek Canyon to take in all the natural beauty – from lush meadows bustling with wildlife to majestic mountain views reaching up into stars-filled night skies.

The facilities come complete with restaurant options including the Country Store that is stocked with snacks and souvenirs. For those wanting a fraction of the fun with none of the travel burdens, day passes are available for visitors who want to soak in some mineral rich waters without spending a night at the resort.

Natural Hot Springs Pools

Mount Princeton Hot Springs
Mount Princeton Hot Springs

Experiencing the healing power of hot springs can be a truly magical experience and Mount Princeton Hot Springs is the perfect spot. With their naturally heated pools, visitors will be sure to leave feeling relaxed and re-energized.

Unwind while soaking in the soothing mineral waters enriched with Calcium, Osmium 7, Sodium chloride, Carbonates and more. Located in central Colorado, these natural hot springs have been welcoming visitors since 1897 due to its clear odorless water that won’t leave you with an unwanted scent afterwards.

Mount Princeton Hot Springs offers a variety of leisure activities, such as large pools and primitive soaking spots along the creek. Additionally, there is a seasonal water slide available.

Private nooks provide a secluded space for a private soak. The resort also offers modern amenities such as cabins, camping facilities and daily programming all year round to ensure an enjoyable experience even during wintertime.

If you’re looking for an immersive weekend away from it all without having to travel far from home, look no further than Mount Princeton Hot Springs — the perfect place to disconnect from stress and recharge your body and mind with all natural ingredients.

Soaking and Exercise Pools

Family-friendly and easy to access, the Soaking Pool is located right next to the Historic Bath House and offers visitors a peaceful place to relax while they take in the stunning views. With plenty of beach chairs by its side, this pool is heated up to 105°F and is perfect for lounging around in after a busy day of sightseeing.

We also have an Exercise Pool nearby for those who want to get active in the great outdoors. At 90°F, this pool is just cool enough for swimming, playing games and enjoying some quality time with your family. Thanks to its elevation and outdoor fireplace, it adds an extra touch of charm to this area.

Behind the bathhouse you can find even more ways to enjoy your stay at our hot springs. Our Relaxation Pool, Cascading Hot Springs tubs are a favorite for our spa patrons aged 16 or older — as well as overnight guests — which can be rented privately for special events or parties.

Upper Pools

Water Slide of The Upper Pools of Mount Princeton
Water Slide of The Upper Pools of Mount Princeton

The Upper Pools of Mount Princeton offer a range of aquatic amenities for visitors to enjoy. From the 400-foot water slide that leads into the recreational pool, to the spring-fed Infinity Pool open year round, Mount Princeton has something for all ages and abilities.

The serene atmosphere surrounding the Upper Pools provides an escape from everyday life, just steps away from Chalk Creek Drive. During the summer months, visitors can enjoy multiple pools with lounge chairs and other poolside activities for families and individuals to take part in. With pool temperatures ranging from 104°F in the Infinity Pool to cooler temperatures in the seasonal pools, everyone can find just the right amount of refreshment on a hot day.

For those wanting more than a cooling dip in a pool, a lazy river is nearby so you can relax while enjoying tranquil views along its course. If it’s too cold outside to enjoy time outdoors, visitors can still take advantage of Mount Princeton’s indoor recreational areas—like their indoor Olympic-sized swimming pool— or take advantage of any one of their spa services: massage therapy, infrared saunas and more! No matter what time of year it is at Mount Princeton—or how long your stay—the Upper Pools are sure to be a highlight during your visit!

Chalk Creek Primitive Pools

Chalk Creek Primitive Pools - Mount Princeton Hot Springs
Chalk Creek Primitive Pools – Mount Princeton Hot Springs

Chalk Creek Primitive Pools offer a relaxing experience like no other. Along the banks of Chalk Creek runs 10 or so naturally heated hot spring pools, where guests can take a dip and escape their busy lives.

The pools are only 1 foot deep and lightly sunken with sand bottoms, making them ideal for the ultimate natural soaking experience. Temperatures range from 33°-120°F, allowing bathers to adjust their temperature preference to suit any need. For an extra boost of coolness, it’s also possible to take a cold plunge into the creek whenever you feel too warm.

A relaxing outing in the natural thermal pools of Chalk Creek is a great way to take part in some outdoor adventure while rejuvenating your body and soul. It’s worth noting that this section of the creek is more laid-back than the main resort – make sure you never leave behind any trash or valuables during your trip!

Lodging and Accommodations

Various room types at Mt. Princeton Hot Springs Resort
Various room types at Mt. Princeton Hot Springs Resort

At the luxurious resort, guests are sure to be spoiled with the great variety of room types available to stay in. Enjoy the tranquil beauty of nature with a Cliffside Room, offering majestic views of the mountains and easy access to outdoor trails, perfect for a quick morning jog or picturesque evening stroll. This type of room also comes furnished with a mini-fridge and has either one king bed or two queen beds.

For those looking for a more central location, Lodge Rooms are situated nearby popular amenities such as the spa and steakhouse. Rooms here vary in size and features but all come fully equipped with air conditioning, flat screen TV and Nespresso coffee makers – ideal for kicking back after an active day outdoors.

Hillside rooms provide fantastic mountain views from their balconies making these perfect spots if you’re looking for some outdoor relaxation or peace and quiet – plus these units are only a few steps away from sports courts, water slides and other recreational activities on site!

Feel like doing even more during your stay? Creekside Suites offer plenty of options that won’t disappoint. Guests can kick back beside the romantic glass-front fireplace while overlooking lush views of Chalk Creek – then move outside to make use of their private balcony areas. These premium suites also come fitted with king beds or two queens alongside kitchenettes so you can cook up something special as well as ADA accessible options ensuring that everyone can enjoy their luxurious stay!

No matter which accommodation option you choose, there is something perfect for every guest at this wonderful retreat – especially if you’re travelling in groups: Cabins scattered in various parts around the property offer 1 or 2 bedroom layouts that can sleep up to 10 people comfortably! You’ll get the added benefit of spa passes too so that guests can truly unwind in style! Don’t miss out on experiencing it all!


Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort provides guests with a plethora of dining options. In the Biergarten, visitors can indulge in hot dogs, sausages, and beer while they take in the stunning views.

For breakfast, lunch, or dinner, Mary Murphy Steakhouse offers up an extensive menu of USDA Prime steaks as well as pancakes and omelets to start the morning off right.

In addition to sit-down restaurants, visitors can find snacks and drinks in the Princeton Market & Juice Bar on the property. Offering quick bites for any time of day—including freshly baked pizzas and smoothies—the Juice Bar is located in the spa building’s lobby.


Mt. Princeton Hot Springs Resort offers a wide range of spa services
Mt. Princeton Hot Springs Resort offers a wide range of spa services

Guests over 16 can enjoy rest and relaxation at the Spa & Club.

Whether you want a full package of treatments or just a few, there’s something for everyone. Your choices include body treatments, facials and wraps, massages from Swedish to deep tissue, reflexology, sugar scrub and more. Botox and lip plumping are also available.

For an added bonus try the Colorado Special massage and benefit from CBD without any psychoactive effects. Mineral baths with lavender, tea, clay and CBD can be provided as an additional option to support full-body cleansing.

The sauna features an outdoor cold plunge pool which allows guests to see the benefits of alternating hot-cold exposure in the Nordic technique of muscle relaxation. So come enjoy a day of wellness at the Spa & Club today!

Things To Do Near Mount Princeton Hot Springs

Enjoy your stay close to Mount Princeton? Here are the best outdoor activities around.

Take a short hike and explore the beautiful Agnes Vaille Falls, just 10 miles away from the resort. Or go east on Co Rd 162 and discover Saint Elmo – many historic buildings remain intact and you can visit them anytime during the year.

For those wishing to experience hot springs, Cottonwood Hot Springs, Antero Hot Springs or Treehouse Hot Springs are all good options.

The latter two also offer private cabin rental, with a private soaking tub for guests available.

To get there, head east out of Buena Vista on US-25 for 2.4 miles then take US-285 S for 5.6 miles before turning right onto Chalk Creek Dr (Co Rd 162). Go 4.4 miles and you’ll find the hot springs on your left!

Do and Don’t at Mount Princeton

it is important to know how to make the most out of your visit while also respecting the rules and guidelines set in place by the resort. Let’s take a closer look at what to do and what not to do to ensure a memorable and enjoyable stay at Mt. Princeton Hot Springs Resort.


  • Enjoy the incredible views of the foot peaks of Mt. Princeton and the surrounding chalk cliffs.
  • Choose from the variety of lodging types, including Creekside Suites, Family Suites, and cozy log cabins with private decks.
  • Take advantage of the complimentary Cross, yoga, and fitness classes offered at Mt. Princeton Hot Springs Resort.
  • Experience horseback riding activities at Hot Springs Stables and explore the Rocky Mountain region.
  • Relax in the hot spring pool areas and enjoy the healing properties of the natural spring water.
  • Participate in spa activities, such as massages and facials, to rejuvenate your body and mind.
  • Plan your corporate function or private event in the event space offered by the resort.
  • Take advantage of the family-friendly accommodations, including a family fishing lake and day horseback rides.
  • Visit Chalk Lake and explore the beautiful location of Mt. Princeton Hot Springs Resort.
  • Ensure that the resort is wheelchair accessible and meets the needs of all guests, regardless of age or ability.


  • Ignore the Hot Springs Hours & Rates, as they vary depending on the day and time of purchase.
  • Disrupt the peace and tranquility of other guests by being too loud or disruptive.
  • Ignore the camping principles and rules if you plan to camp on the first-come, first-served sites.
  • Bring drunk people or alcohol on the property, as the resort is focused on wellness and relaxation.
  • Be late for check-out time, as there may be a fee for late check-outs.
  • Forget to check the ages of children for certain activities, as some may require a certain age or height to participate.
  • Cancel appointments without notifying the staff and expect not to pay a cancellation fee.
  • Ignore the credit card policies and expect to pay with cash.
  • Expect the fireplace to heat your entire cabin, as some have glass-front fireplaces for ambiance only.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort is a must-visit destination for anyone looking for a relaxing, yet adventurous getaway in the Rocky Mountains. With its incredible views, variety of lodging options, and range of activities and amenities, this resort truly has something for everyone. From the moment you arrive, you will be greeted by the friendly and helpful staff who will ensure that your stay is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Whether you are seeking a spa retreat, a family vacation, or a corporate function, Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort offers a unique and unforgettable experience.

So what are you waiting for? Book your stay today and come experience the natural healing powers of the hot springs, explore the stunning landscapes of the Rocky Mountains, and indulge in the luxurious spa services. And remember, to make the most out of your stay, be sure to follow the “Do and Don’t” guidelines we have discussed in this article. With everything this resort has to offer, you are sure to have an incredible time at Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort.

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Local information

Address: 15870 Co Rd 162, Nathrop, Colorado 81236
GPS: 38.732602,-106.162633
Phone: 719-395-2447
Season: Year-round
Hours: Daily | 9 am – 9 pm
Swimsuit: Required


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