Feather River (Woody’s) Hot Springs – Twain, CA

As someone who has explored more than 200 remote hot springs in the Western U.S., I can say without hesitation that Woody’s Hot Springs is one of the best. This secluded spot, located on a private property along the Feather River in Northern California, is a wonderful getaway for anyone looking to soothe sore muscles and relax in nature.

Feather River Hot Spring is located along a stunning stretch of river that is known for its whitewater rafting and crystal clear water. The property is only accessible by a short hike through the woods, which helps keep it nice and private. While there are several hot spring spots to choose from, one of the most popular is known as Woody’s Hot Springs or simply Woody’s.

The main appeal at Woody’s is the sheer number of pools and soaking options. There are so many different ways to enjoy this magical spot that it can be hard to choose just one! If you’re wondering what you should do when you get there, read on for our favorite ways to soak at Woody’s Hot Springs.


Feather River Hot Spring
Feather River Hot Springs

Woody’s is so large that it is almost easier to think of it as a hot springs resort than a single spot. There are a few large, deep pools that are great for soaking and relaxing, but what makes Woody’s special are all the different options for personal retreats.

The most popular way to enjoy Woody’s is by finding and claiming your own secluded spot along the river. These little coves can be hard to locate from above, so I recommend bringing along a towel and a good book to enjoy in the solitude.

While these hidden spots are great for privacy, they have the drawback of being difficult to access. If you’re looking for an even more remote experience, consider hiking down to one of the tiny pools located beneath waterfalls. These gems are some of my favorites at Woody’s because they give you the chance to take in nature while feeling like you’re swimming in a tropical paradise.

They are also very secluded, so you can feel free to let loose and relax without worrying about other people seeing you!

Hiking to Woody’s Hot Springs

Hiking to Woody's Hot Springs: A short and nice trail
Hiking to Woody’s Hot Springs: A short and nice trail

The hike to Woody’s Hot Springs is very short and mostly flat. However, it is still considered a moderate hike because of the steep terrain along the Feather River. The distance is only a little more than a mile, but you’ll need to be careful along the way because the trail is rocky and there are several slippery spots.

The first part of the trail is along an old road that has been closed off to vehicles. After about 0.2 miles, you will reach the access point for Woody’s and many other hot springs in this area. For Woody’s, you will want to keep right at this junction as you head through a small meadow with views of the river.

After roughly 0.15 miles, you’ll reach a metal gate with “No Trespassing” signs posted on it. This marks the beginning of the private property where Woody’s Hot Springs is located; please respect the owner’s wishes by not going past this point. Along this last stretch, you’ll enjoy nice views of the hot springs from above before reaching a small footbridge that leads over the river and straight to Woody’s Hot Springs!

Hot Springs Pools

The hot springs pools are situated adjacent to each other within a concrete tub building on the banks of a river. One pool is suitable for one or two individuals, while the other can accommodate a few more, but only eight individuals can use them at once. During the day, swimming suits are required, while at night they are optional.

The hot water is circulated into a concrete tub divided into two parts, each containing minerals unique to their source. The larger, clearer section is visually appealing while the smaller, milky white section has a distinct aroma and mineral composition.

The hot springs have not been intentionally modified and have a temperature range of 99-104 degrees Fahrenheit. The water also has natural sulfur content.

Explore The Pools

The Hot Springs – Feather River Hot Springs
The Hot Springs – Feather River Hot Springs

Among the many pools available, the Upper Pool is a must-visit. The short trail upriver leads to a large, deep pool with stairs leading directly into the water. While this pool is often used as a swimming hole during the summer, it’s still perfect for soaking in the hot springs thanks to its depth and size.

At the Lower Pool, the largest of the hot springs, you’ll find a maximum depth of about 4 feet. This makes it a great spot to lounge and soak, either with a floaty or by wading around. The water here is noticeably warmer than at the Upper Pool, making it perfect for soothing sore muscles and aching joints. A small waterfall feeds the pool, and there are plenty of rocks to sit on while you soak.

For a unique experience, check out the FlowTube. This large tube is placed in the river by the property owners, who do all the work for you. All you have to do is show up, slip into the FlowTube, and let the current do the rest. You’ll be gently pulled along while you relax in the hot springs. Just make sure to bring a change of clothes, as privacy is limited when changing out of your bathing suit.

One of the most unique spots at Woody’s is the Ledge Swim. This three-level rock formation sits just above the water, with the middle ledge completely submerged and perfect for swimming. It’s a fun spot to cool off and enjoy the views, but be cautious as the middle ledge can be slippery. If you’re looking for a more private experience, try visiting on a weekday.

Overall, Woody’s Hot Springs offers several options for soaking and relaxation. For a more secluded experience, try visiting during the week or outside of peak season. Make sure to check out Woody’s, Lily Pad, and Wildcat for the best experience. And with the amazing options available, it’s easy to see why hot springs are becoming the new must-visit destination.

Making Use of the Springs

This geothermal soaking place can be reached in three ways. Regardless, reservations are always required. Drop-ins are not permitted.

  • Guests can schedule a two-hour visit with the owner by text message or email, but the facility has a capacity limit and is often busy, making a private soak unlikely.
  • The cost of soaking is included in the nightly rate of cabins and campsites at Camping Stays, as per the owner’s policy.
  • Residents and frequent visitors can obtain a Friends of the Feather River Hot Springs membership for a reduced soaking charge, but reservations are still required with this pass.

There are rules in place at The Springs regarding the use of thermal waters. Dogs are not allowed near them, and children may only use them during the day with adult supervision. The use of glass containers, lighting up, and allowing young babies in diapers to use the bathtub is strictly prohibited. Additionally, waivers must be signed before using the hot springs.

Camping and Cabins

The Cabins – Feather River Hot Springs
The Cabins – Feather River Hot Springs

Feather River Hot Springs offers an exclusive getaway for those seeking to connect with nature. Guests have the option to choose from small decorated cabins or campsites, but it’s important to note that the cabins and common areas are exclusive for guests only. Verizon is the area’s sole stable mobile network, so keep that in mind when planning your stay.

For those interested in cabin accommodations, Feather River Hot Springs offers three unique themes to choose from. Julius’ Mine Shack, Logger’s Cabin, and Lola’s Bordello each have their own distinct charm. These cabins are perfect for couples as only two people are permitted at a time, and no children or pets are allowed.

Each cabin is equipped with a queen-size bed, dresser, mini-fridge, microwave, coffee machine, and a full set of dishes. Guests can also enjoy the natural hot springs, which are free to use. Just sign up on the board and enjoy the healing waters.

If camping is more your style, Feather River Hot Springs has you covered too. The campground offers seven tent sites and five full-hookup RV sites, all located near the beautiful Feather River and natural hot springs pools. The campgrounds are open from April 1 to November 25, weather permitting. Only one dog is allowed per campsite, and it must be leashed at all times.

Experience the beauty of nature at Feather River Hot Springs Camping and Cabins. Book your stay now and unwind in the serenity of this exclusive retreat.

Bottom Line

The Feather River (Woody’s) Hot Springs in Twain, California is undoubtedly one of the most unique and beautiful places for outdoor relaxation. With lush greenery and stunning views of the river, visitors can enjoy a day away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The hot springs have been around for centuries, and they continue to be a popular destination for locals and travelers alike.

If you’re looking for a peaceful day of relaxation or an adventurous day of exploring the area, the Hot Springs Resort has everything you need to make your visit unforgettable. With separate water sources and two-hour soaks, hot spring lovers can indulge themselves in carbonated springs, hot mineral springs, and hot spring dips. The beautiful flora surrounding the hot springs tubs makes for a serene atmosphere for a relaxing time.

The healing mineral waters of the hot springs have been known to provide numerous health benefits. Day visits are a great way to get a quick dip in the mineral-rich waters, but cabin stays are highly recommended for those looking for a more extended stay. The hot spring resort offers hot mineral baths that are sure to leave you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and head over to the Feather River (Woody’s) Hot Springs for a unique and unforgettable experience.

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Local information

Address: 29186 Highway 70, Twain, California 95984
GPS: 40.019539,-121.034117
Phone: (text only) 925-783-2913
Season: Soaking is year-round, Camping is April to November.
Website: featherriverhotsprings.com




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