Calistoga Motor Lodge and Spa – Calistoga, California

The scenic town of Calistoga is known as the “Home of Hot Springs and Vineyards.” Located in the heart of wine country and just a short drive north from Napa, this oasis feels worlds away. In addition to being surrounded by lush green vineyards and stunning views, visitors can enjoy spa services at the local spa, a day at the Calistoga spa or take a scenic hike through nearby vineyards.

Calistoga also has some pretty great accommodations for anyone looking to stay in town for an extended period of time. The Calistoga Motor Lodge and Spa offers luxury amenities at affordable prices. For your next weekend getaway, we are sharing everything you need to know about staying at the Calistoga Motor Lodge and Spa:

Calistoga Motor Lodge and Spa, Calistoga
Calistoga Motor Lodge and Spa, Calistoga


Visitors can discover the Calistoga Motor Lodge & Spa tucked away in the lovely Napa Valley, which is surrounded by vineyards that go on forever and hills that stretch in every direction. The establishment formerly operated as the MoonAcre Spa & Bath.

What was once a popular roadside motel in the 1940s has been transformed into the perfect place to enjoy a sumptuous hot spring soak thanks to the addition of contemporary conveniences and an edgy, throwback style.

Natural Hot Springs Pools

Calistoga Motor Lodge and Spa
Calistoga Motor Lodge and Spa

If you have ever wanted to experience a real-life spa, the Calistoga Motor Lodge and Spa is the place to do it. The hotel features  natural hot springs pools that are open 24/7 for guests to enjoy. The pools are something out of a movie set, with stunning views, beautiful water and relaxing vibes. Guests can enjoy access to the pools for $25 a day.

At the Calistoga Motor Lodge, guests have their choice of three pools, each of which offers a unique and beneficial experience for both the body and the mind. The primary pool is located outside and is encircled by a concrete patio that is provided with cozy lounge chairs and large umbrellas.

The water is a comfortable 80–84 degrees Fahrenheit, and it is deep enough for swimming. The water comes directly from the source. The views from this pool are just breathtaking, with a clear blue sky overhead and a vista that is ornamented with tree-covered hills rolling away into the distance.

The temperature of the main pool, which is adjacent to the wading pool, remains between 90 and 96 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the entire year. This shallow pool urges you to sit back, relax, and let your tension go away as you enjoy the great weather in California with your friends. It’s the perfect place to take a break from your hectic life.

The covered whirlpool is the warmest of all the tubs, with a temperature that ranges from 100 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit, and it is the ideal spot to relax and recover while soaking in the mineral water. This area is shielded from the sun and provides more privacy than the others. While you relax here, the powerful jets will work their wonders on any aching muscles.

Services Offered at a Spa

  • Check out the spa area to help you rest and unwind while you’re not taking a dip in one of the three pools that are located on the premises. The contemporary spa in Calistoga features a number of services, one of which is a personalized mud bar. At this bar, you can combine a wide variety of ingredients in accordance with your individual requirements.
  • The following is a list of some of the services that are provided at the Calistoga Motor Lodge & Spa:
  • a number of individual spas complete with clawfoot tubs and bath bombs infused with coconut
  • A CBD soak is a bath treatment that uses the cannabinoid compound cannabidiol to relieve pain and promote relaxation throughout the body.
  • Swedish, CBD, and deep tissue massages, in addition to acupressure and lymphatic drainage, are all types of massages that can be performed.
  • If you want to get the most out of their spa, you should seriously consider becoming a member of the MoonAcre Spa Club, which gives you access to a number of exclusive benefits. You are entitled to one complimentary 50-minute massage per month, as well as discounts on other spa services and unrestricted use of the spa’s pool, steam room, and spa garden.

You will have complete and unrestricted access to the Calistoga Motor Lodge & Spa’s lounge as well as their services if you choose to hold your business gathering there.

What to Expect from a Stay at Calistoga Motor Lodge and Spa

The Calistoga Motor Lodge and Spa offers luxury amenities at affordable prices. Guests can enjoy amenities such as a complimentary breakfast, a 24-hour fitness center, free Wi-Fi, an outdoor pool, a hot tub and free parking. The rooms are spacious and come equipped with a mini fridge, iron and ironing board, coffee maker, water cooler, and a modern bathroom.

The hotel is located just a short drive from the main town, making it the perfect location to stay if you want to enjoy the attractions of Calistoga, Napa and surrounding areas.

Rooms and Amenities

Accommodation at Calistoga Motor Lodge and Spa
Accommodation at Calistoga Motor Lodge and Spa

The Calistoga Motor Lodge and Spa offers guests a variety of rooms and amenities. The hotel features 32 standard rooms, 10 deluxe rooms and two suites. The standard rooms feature a king bed, mini fridge, iron and ironing board, coffee maker, water cooler, modern bathroom and free Wi-Fi.

Deluxe rooms feature a king bed, mini fridge, iron and ironing board, coffee maker, water cooler, modern bathroom and free Wi-Fi. The two suites offer a king bed, two twin beds, mini fridge, iron and ironing board, coffee maker, water cooler, modern bathroom and free Wi-Fi.

There are three distinct possibilities available to you on where you will sleep for the night. The Calistoga Motor Lodge & Spa is a pet-friendly establishment, so you are welcome to bring your canine companions with you on vacation.

The Camper Rooms

The Camper Rooms are reminiscent of the 1950s and provide accommodations that are most comparable to those found in a chic camper van. The aesthetic is referred to as “California summer on the road,” and it features bright colors and vintage décor. They come in a variety of sizes, ranging from 250 square feet to 450 square feet, and offer either king- or double-queen-sized beds.

Each of the rooms comes with a fully stocked bathroom, complete with rainfall showers and any other amenities that might be required for a comfortable stay. There is also a room that is accessible for people with disabilities that has a king-sized bed and plenty of space to move around in.

The Vista Rooms

The Vista Rooms exude an air that is decidedly more contemporary and understated thanks to the use of wood-paneled accent walls, leather headboards, and simple furnishings.

The size of these rooms ranges from 315 square feet to 363 square feet, and they feature either king-size beds or double queen beds for a comfortable night’s sleep. Even better, one of the rooms features a balcony with a view of the Mayacama Mountains, and the mineral pools are located right outside the room’s door.

In addition to high-definition televisions, wireless internet access, freshly brewed coffee and tea, and hooded robes with a custom design, the bathroom amenities in these rooms are sourced from the hotel’s spa.


Calistoga is a great destination for guests of all ages. People can enjoy a day at the spa, go wine tasting, visit nearby Napa for a day trip, hike in the gorgeous vineyards or visit nearby wineries.

The Calistoga Motor Lodge & Spa offers its guests a wide variety of different outdoor pursuits to choose from in order to keep them entertained. You and your pals can compete against one another utilizing the enormous outdoor big Jenga set, play bocce ball on their magnificent court, or try your hand at corn hole by tossing bean bags at each other in an effort to come out on top.

In addition to that, they provide a variety of unique activities, such as movie evenings, fitness festivals, and happy hours at the spa. In order to facilitate the development of new connections and friendships among its visitors, Calistoga actively promotes socializing among its guests.


If you are visiting Calistoga for a weekend, the best place to enjoy a delicious meal is the Calistoga Motor Lodge and Spa. Guests can expect to enjoy gourmet dishes, such as pan-seared salmon, roasted chicken and more.

Final Words

If you are visiting California and want to experience the ultimate spa treatment, we recommend staying at the Calistoga Motor Lodge and Spa. This beautiful hotel offers stunning views, relaxing hot springs and luxurious rooms. It is the perfect stay for anyone looking to enjoy a spa-like experience without having to travel further away.

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Local information

Address: 1880 Lincoln Ave, Calistoga, California 94515
GPS: 38.587078,-122.576259
Phone: 707-942-0991
Season: Year-round
Pets: Dogs Permitted