Murrieta Hot Springs – California

There are many natural wonders to explore in California, and an unexpected gem of a destination is the Murrieta Hot Springs in Murrieta. This spot is tucked away in Riverside County, about an hour and a half drive from Los Angeles. It’s well worth the journey, as it’s a stunning recreation area that offers several different natural hot springs and lush wilderness. Murrieta Hot Springs is located at the end of Hot Springs Road, which is accessible from Murrieta Valley Road.


Murrieta Hot Springs – California
Murrieta Hot Springs – California

While the exact date of discovery is unknown, Murrieta Hot Springs has been a fixture of the region for thousands of years. Indigenous peoples and Spanish explorers used the springs for bathing and drinking water.

Following California’s statehood, prospectors began to search the area for gold. One such miner was named Murieta, and his discovery of gold in 1853 led to the name “Murieta” being given to the town that sprang up around the springs. A small resort sprung up around the springs, but it was destroyed by a flood in 1867.

The modern history of Murrieta Hot Springs began in 1939 when Dr. Wayne N. Brownsberger purchased the land surrounding the springs and built a resort there. He created a small village with several small buildings that served as accommodations for guests, as well as a large swimming pool fed by natural hot water from underground sources. The resort thrived until 1969 when it closed down due to competition from larger resorts in Southern California.

The last private owners sold the property to Riverside County in 1973, who have managed it ever since as a natural park and recreational spot for locals and visitors alike.

Today, the Murrieta Hot Springs area is known for having four different hot springs areas along with a variety of hiking trails. The springs are private property, but they can be accessed with permission from the owners. The largest of the hot springs areas is known as The Grotto, which spreads over 35 acres and has more than 30 structures.

The Grotto offers various pools at varying temperatures, saunas and steam rooms, and several different types of baths such as tubs, plunge pools and swim-up bars. There are even private pools available for rent if you’d like to have an entire hot springs retreat just for your family or group.

Hot Springs Pools

Murrieta Hot Springs – California
Murrieta Hot Springs – California

There are several recreation areas where you can access the water. The first area is called The Springs, which consists of a large open-air pool and several hot soaking tubs. The pools are kept at a temperature of between 102 and 104 degrees Fahrenheit (38 to 40 Celsius) year round, though they may occasionally be closed during times of heavy use.

The main pool is huge—over 100 feet long, with two tiers and plenty of room to swim. There are also smaller pools with seats carved out along their sides that you can sit on to soak your feet in the hot water. There is a small waterfall cascade into one of the pools, which adds to the ambiance, as does the sound of softly playing mellow rock music piped in throughout the area.

The second recreation area is called Murrieta Hot Springs Spa Resort, which has several luxury facilities available for rent including hot tub rooms, private soaking tubs on decks with lavish landscaping, and even luxe yurts!

There are two more natural springs areas where you can access free hot water and soak in rocky pools formed in nature’s way. One such area is called Upper Hot Springs and consists of multiple natural pools formed by rocks piled together by nature over thousands of years.

These pools are smaller than those at The Springs but still offer an intimate experience with natural soothing waters that flow from underground sources in the ground. There are also some private land areas along this stretch of road that have been developed for public use by individuals who have purchased land here; you will see more hot springs in these areas as well as other forms of outdoor recreation such as swimming holes or campgrounds

Additional Activities

Guests who are interested in activities that take place on land can relax and take a stroll around an artificial hot springs lake that has been constructed on the property and is encircled by a number of trails. There are several different kinds of fish in there, including bass and catfish. (Take note: the only type of fishing allowed is catch-and-release) In addition, there are sunbathing decks and a variety of sports courts available for use.

Playing a game of tennis, basketball, or volleyball is a great way to take advantage of Southern California’s beautiful weather and get some exercise at the same time. When you’re through, you can relax in the recreation room that has everything you need. At the end of the day, kick back and unwind with a delectable beverage purchased from the cafe while indulging in a brand-new book purchased from the bookstore.


On the 46-acre resort property, there are currently four lodges that are spread out around the property. These lodges are The Fellowship Lodge, Stone Lodge, Lakeside Lodge, and Harmony Lodge. The price of the retreat covers not only the cost of any rooms, meals, or beverages consumed on the premises, but also any activities that guests choose to participate in.

The buyer has not yet decided whether or not they will alter the names of the facilities or other aspects of the business after it has been sold.

How to Get There

To get to the Murrieta Hot Springs, take the I-15 south from Los Angeles and exit on Murrieta Valley Road. Turn left at the light and follow this road for about 9 miles. About another mile down the road, you will see a sign for Hot Springs Road. Turn right on this dirt road to access the nature preserve and hot springs.

The last several miles of the road are unpaved, so it is best to have a vehicle with four-wheel drive or high clearance. You’ll want to be cautious as well if it has been raining as the unpaved portion can get muddy. During winter months, it’s best to visit during daylight hours as it can get dark quickly and there are no streetlights along the way.

If you’re coming from Hemet, take Highway 371 north to Murrieta Valley Road. Turn right and follow this road for about 9 miles until you see Hot Springs Road on your right. Turn right onto this dirt road and follow it for about 15 miles until you reach the nature preserve.

There is limited parking available at the end of the road by the access gate. You’ll likely have to park along Murrieta Valley Road or one of the side roads leading to the main access road. There is no charge to use the hot springs, but there are rules posted that you should be aware of before you get in the water.

There is no fee to enter the park, though you must pay to access the springs and pools. You can either purchase a day pass or have a season pass. A day pass costs $10 for ages 16 and up, $5 for children between the ages of 6 and 15, and free for children under 6. You can purchase passes at the entrance or at any of the recreation areas around the springs.

Bottom line

Murrieta Hot Springs is a great destination for anyone who is looking for a unique experience that combines natural beauty, hot springs and the chance to get away from it all. It is also a great place to explore and learn about the history of California. With its many attractions, such as the mineral pools, hiking trails and nearby towns, Murrieta Hot Springs has something for everyone.

Whether it be soaking in the hot springs or exploring the natural beauty of the area, you can find something that will make your stay memorable. So if you’re looking for an adventure or just a relaxing weekend getaway, Murrieta Hot Springs is the perfect destination.

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Local information

Address: 39405 Murrieta Hot Springs Road, Murrieta, California, 92563
GPS: 33.558034,-117.155749
Phone: 951-200-8000
Season: Year-round